Extraordinary stories

Stories worth telling. Stories worth hearing. Stories worth collecting.

20 Years Strong

Celebrating 20 years of Indigenous Knowledge Centres in Queensland.

Queensland to a T

Queensland to a T dishes the dirt on the qualities that made tea towels desirable Queenslandiana and how we see them now.

Meet the Artists

A series of intimate conversations with 35 of Australia’s most acclaimed artists. Coming 2023.

Legacy: Reflections on Mabo

Celebrate the influence and impact of the man behind the game-changing Native Title Act, Eddie Koiki Mabo.

Sovereign Stories

Meet the authors and editors who have been part of black&write! and discover First Nations stories. 

The Great & Grand Rumpus

Explore a sculptural, digital, and immersive installation. Its origins lie in the limitless imaginations of children.


Explore the work of three contemporary Aboriginal photographers; Michael Aird, Jo-Anne Driessens and Naomi Hobson.


Explore stories about people and plants in Queensland and discover the masterpieces of botanical illustration in our collections.

Deadly Threads

A showcase of singlets, shirts, polos and jerseys created by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in Queensland.

Big Voices

Take a  journey into young artist's worlds, to see how they view themselves, their lives, their rights and their futures.  

Cut Copy

Explore their do-it-yourself design and recall the bands and venues of Brisbane’s independent music scene of the 1970s and 80s.

Old words, new ways

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities are on a long journey to awaken languages once deemed ‘lost’.


Twenty is an online photography exhibition reflecting on the last 20 years in Queensland.

Tea and Me

Visit Tea and Me to learn about tea-related memories and stories from across the state.


A free thought-provoking exhibition about the survival and revival of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages.

Jarjum Stories

Enjoy the colourful world of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander jarjum (children’s) books and storytelling.

Meet me at the Paragon

Moussaka. Souvlaki. Paniyiri. Baklava. Today, Queenslanders love Greek food and culture. However, this exhibition explores an untold past.

Behind the Lines

The year’s best political cartoons 2018.

I Heard it on the Radio

Protest in the air, a fresh voice on the airwaves; the first Indigenous radio station in a capital city began broadcasting in the 1990s… bringing an exciting new sound to our stereos.

Plantation Voices

State Library’s portal to Australian South Sea Islander culture and history in Queensland.


Explore the social and emotional foundations of our houses through the incredible legacy of Frank and Eunice Corley.

Palm Island & Our People

The inspiring history of Palm Island is celebrated in a fascinating showcase of images, memorabilia and digital stories.

Australian South Sea Islanders

Today’s Australian South Sea Islanders have a special place in Queensland’s cultural diversity and history. They are the descendants of South Sea Islanders brought to Queensland from 1863 to 1904 from 80 Melanesian islands to work the State’s cotton and sugar plantations.

Freedom then freedom now

Freedom takes many forms. Some countries cannot guarantee freedom from hunger, while arbitrary detention, religious and racial discrimination are practised throughout the world, sometimes even mandated by governments.

State of Emergency

State Library of Queensland marked the 30th anniversary of the 1982 Commonwealth Games when Brisbane came alive with political demonstrations for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander civil liberties.

Art of the Skins

Awakening South East Queensland historical traditions through contemporary art, Art of the Skins revitalised the practice of possum skin cloak making.

Grass dukes and Shepherd Kings

19th century pastoral life on the Darling Downs comes alive in this intimate exhibition of treasures at SLQ.

Siganto Foundation Artists' Book Project

This showcase celebrates the beauty of those creations and research The Siganto Foundation support has enabled.


A decade of building major bridge infrastructure projects in Brisbane cemented Sir Manuel Richard Hornibrook (often known as ‘MR’) as a pioneering Queenslander into the history of the state.

Our Dreaming

Connecting people to place through animation and storytelling. 

Transforming Tindale

Unheard stories are given a voice in this powerful exhibition of scientific photographs and contemporary artworks, exploring the legacy of Norman Tindale's 1938 anthropological expedition to Aboriginal communities.

Don't Just Count Us, Let Us Count!

This showcase tells the story of this historic milestone through the eyes of ACPA alumni as they reflect on the creative process, research and the performance which shaped who they are today and their understanding of the campaign to be counted.

Extraordinary stories

Stories worth telling. Stories worth hearing. Stories worth collecting. These extraordinary stories draw upon State Library's collection to tell us more about Queensland and the lives lived here.