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Cut Copy

College featuring Brisbane music posters

Cut Copy

Brisbane music posters 1977–87

This exhibition is in the past.
slq Gallery, level 2
28 September 2020 – 9 May 2021

Discover music posters and handbills from State Library’s collections. Explore their do-it-yourself design and recall the bands and venues of Brisbane’s independent music scene of the 1970s and 80s.


A sign of the times

As punk rock swept across Australia in the late 1970s, Brisbane became home to a small but strong independent music scene. Along with a DIY attitude towards music-making, came a similar approach to music promotion.

The 279 Club music poster
Lamingtons Behind Bars music poster

Rocking the suburbs

Posters and handbills reflected the resourcefulness and determination of its creators to support local line-ups through years of instability, venue shortage and split audiences.

DIY meets technology

Technology advancement during the 1980s led to new production methods and greater design possibilities. Fast forward to the present day, DIY culture has made a comeback through compositions and performances that can easily be created, recorded, mixed, published and distributed independently.

Mute 44 music poster



Temporary Ornaments plus other things at Romeos music poster
College featuring Brisbane music posters


Explore posters promoting the gigs, bands and venues of Brisbane's underground music scene 1977-1987.
Add your memories and stories.

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