The Great & Grand Rumpus

Free exhibition
11 December 2021 – 18 April 2022
slq Gallery, level 2

A warning to all who enter these doors
The brave who pass through Wobbly Tooth's jaws
Respect The Grumpus, yes that's the name
For when you enter this world, you're never the same
Through what is old, find a new state of mind
So open your eyes, who knows what you'll find?

Explore The Great & Grand Rumpus, a sculptural, digital, and immersive installation.

The exhibition origins lie in the limitless imaginations of children. The fifteen-month long community engagement project invited children from around Brisbane to expand their imaginations, and in doing so dream up a collection of the most fantastic, astonishing and magical things you could expect to see.

The Making of The Great & Grand Rumpus

Explore the journey to create The Great & Grand Rumpus exhibition with the community, schools, universities, and makers.

The Well

Dive into The Well and explore ideas and imaginary creatures from children’s imaginations.

Share your experience

Come and play at The Great & Grand Rumpus and share with us on Instagram with #slqGreatGrandRumpus.




Explore the creative learning resources used in The Great & Grand Rumpus with State Library's Curriculum Connect.

From the blog

Behold! The Great & Grand Rumpus 2021 has begun!

31 March 2021
This extraordinary project is a celebration of creativity, community, and is happening throughout 2021. In workshops happening at State Library and in schools throughout the year, project participants will work away to imagine, design and build an extraordinary public exhibition of large-scale sculptures and immersive installations. 

The making of a giant imaginary shark

30 August 2021
If you’ve ever admired the creative thoughts of children, and wanted to bring their ideas to life – come behind the scenes at The Edge’s Fabrication Lab and learn how we’re building a giant cardboard shark!

Making your way with sustainable design

27 September 2021
Cardboard boxes are everywhere.

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