Queensland stories

Uncover stories from across the State and through time.

Spotlight on Queensland’s business history

Iconic Queensland businesses and celebrated leaders recognised for their contribution to the state’s development and economy since separation.


Listen to extraordinary voices of Queensland and discover entertaining, compelling and unexpected stories.

Explorer – sharing your stories

Browse the sets of State Library of Queensland images and contribute your stories to the contemporary experiences we showcase. 

Freedom then freedom now

Freedom takes many forms. Explore what it meant in Queensland, concentrating on people’s lives after the end of the Second World War.

John Oxley Library blog

Connect to the blog stories and research articles highlighting more about Queensland’s interesting past and documented history. 

Moving images

Explore home movies created by amateur film makers keen to document their family’s experiences and events as they happened in decades past. 

The Corley collection

The Frank and Eunice Corley collection of 61,000 digitised house images records the social history of Queensland streets, suburbs and towns during the 70s.

This is not a book?

Explore some of the unique artists’ book collection from the State Library of Queensland exhibited on Google Arts and Culture. 

Research Reveals

We invite you to listen to the Fellows talking about their research projects, uncovering more about Queensland history.  

The Queenslander, illustrated cover designs 1899-1939

Browse the unique collection of coloured pages featured in the weekly supplement by year, subject or artist.

People and places across Queensland

Discover more about Queensland through the images shared on Flickr Commons, the curated sets bringing the past into focus.

Land for sale!

Explore early real estate maps featuring suburban expansion and settlement in S-E Queensland.