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Teacher and students utilising State Library resources
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Teachers and students

Learn with us at State Library, both onsite and online, with exciting opportunities for teachers, students and learners of all ages.

Purpose Built schools tour

Inspire future thinking, design and ingenuity in your students. Discover the transformative power of architectural design and its crucial role in shaping communities in this exhibition.
The entry to this development showcases water sensitive design through permeable paving, green roofs and green walls, which slows the flow of water and helps with filtration before flowing to local creeks. It is part of a design proposal for a water sensitive neighbourhood with integrated parklands.

Working Country schools tour

In this showcase, students will explore Queensland's Aboriginal stockmen and stockwomen legacy, the significance of Aboriginal trade routes in the state's pastoral industry, experiences on cattle stations, Aboriginal-run rodeos, and the historical struggle for equal pay and land rights.
Stockmen rounding up cattle on horseback in Doomadgee in the 1960s.
Teacher and student using laptop.

Curriculum Connect

Find State Library teaching resources across key learning areas.

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