Five Ways To Get Excited About Your Morning Commute With Your Free State Library Membership

Passengers queuing to board a bus, Brisbane 1952, John Oxley Library, State Library of Queensland, Neg. no. 204208,

Passengers queuing to board a bus, Brisbane 1952, John Oxley Library, State Library of Queensland, Neg. no. 204208,

Sometimes it can feel like your whole life is spent in transit, home to work and back again… but if you become a State Library of Queensland member then at least that time will be fun and productive. You might also get to say something esoteric like ‘its not the destination, it’s the journey’ and really mean it.

Here is our list of top five online resources to make your journey the best it can be.

Alexander Street Press – Music Online – if you’re the type that likes to put on your noise cancelling headphones and slip into a deep music trance on your commute then try our Music Online database. There are hundreds of different types of music including classical, jazz and contemporary world music. You can listen your commute into oblivion – just don’t forget your stop!

Kanopy database

Kanopy – Love a good doco? A little bit bored of the offerings on Netflix? Spice up your trip to work with the Kanopy app and your State Library membership. There is heaps on offer (not just the docos!) and it won’t exceed your Netflix subscription’s device limit when your partner also wants to watch tele on their commute! BUT Please, if your commute takes place at the wheel of a car, maybe skip this one.

Pressreader- bit more of a traditionalist? Prefer to read the newspaper on the train? It’s okay we’ve got you covered as well. Download the Pressreader app and browse over 7000 newspapers and magazines from across the globe. All in an easy to navigate and read package.

eBooks – if the latest Dean Koontz thriller isn’t your thing then you might like to explore our ebook collection. Rife with the latest in political science, business, technology you can le-joy (a portmanteau I just made up meaning to learn and to enjoy at the same time) your otherwise boring commute to your hearts content. database - did you tell your boss that your Excel skills were kick-arse but you're lucky if you could get the damn thing to add 2 + 2? Well, brush up on your technique with on your way to work. Accessible for free via the app using your State Library membership, is the ultimate last-minute professional development tool.

We promise that a State Library Membership means never having to battle a boring commute again. AND its FREE!

Leela Wittmer

Librarian, Information Services

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