Language of the Week: Week Thirty - Umbuygamu

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people should be aware that this blog post contains images or refers to names of Aboriginal people who have passed; this is not meant to cause distress or offence but raise awareness of our shared history and the story of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages across Queensland.

Welcome to Week Thirty of State Library's A-Z of Queensland languages - each week the blog will highlight a different Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander language from across Queensland communities. This week's language of the week is Umbuygamu, a language spoken on Eastern Cape York, particularly in the area around Princess Charlotte Bay. The language group is centred on Repmana or Dinner Hole, a lagoon that transects the sand ridges about 10 km west of the North Kennedy mouth.

Umbuygamu is also known as Morrobalam and AUSTLANG indicates that three languages Lamalama, Rimanggudinhma and Morrobolam form a genetic subgroup of Paman known as Lamalamic. Available linguistic research indicates that Morrobolam is the name of a clan who speak a language also known as Umbuygamu.

Umagico IKC, Northern Peninsula Area.

With the onset of missions, people from the region were forcibly removed to Northern Peninsula Area, notably Umagico community where descendants live today - while speakers were recorded in the 1960's Austlang data there are no known fluent speakers. The language is undergoing community revival efforts supported by Pama Language Centre drawing upon historical materials.

Linguistic research was undertaken as early as the 1930's by Hale and Tindale; while recent work was undertaken by Rigsby and Sommer who recorded speakers in the 1970's at Coen and Bamaga. In 2020 A dictionary of Umpithamu : with notes on Middle Paman was compiled by Jean-Christophe Verstraete with  Florrie Bassani and Joan Liddy as the main language consultants. This recent publication includes reference to Umbuygamu and Lamalama. 

A selection of words from Umbuygamu / Morrobalam inlcude:

  • Bird(s) – ettarr
  • Canoe – arrirr
  • Child - arran butjinh
  • Day – lawnarr
  • Fish – nyalangam
  • Hand – alam
  • Lagoon – okngarhim
  • Water (fresh) – oknganamrha


Join State Library for next week's Language of the Week - Wulgurakaba from the Townsville region of North Queensland!


Desmond Crump

Indigenous Languages Coordinator, State Library of Queensland

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Cover image: Scenic location at the Normanby River, Cape York Peninsula (1984). Image No. 407-47-06

Umagico IKC, Northern Peninsula Area. Author's photograph.


References and Further Reading

State Library collections have minimal material relating to Umbuygamu with some content on Lamalama; other language content can be found in generic language studies of Cape York. The work of Rigsby and Sommer is held at the Fryer Library, University of Queensland, while Tindale's materials can be found at the South Australian Museum.

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Australian Insitute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies (AIATSIS)

Fryer Library, University of Queensland

Pama Language Centre

South Australian Museum - Tindale Collection


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