Language of the Week: Week Seventeen - Yukulta

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people should be aware that this blog post contains images or names of Aboriginal people who have passed; this is not meant to cause distress or offence but raise awareness of our shared history and the story of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages across Queensland.

Welcome to Week Seventeen of the A-Z of Queensland Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages!

This week's language of the week is Yukulta, one of the languages of the Gulf region. Yukulta, also referred to as Ganggalida, is also spelt as Yokulta, Jugulda, Jogula, Jokala, etc. Traditionally it was spoken on the coastal region opposite the Wellesley Islands taking in the localities of Westmoreland and Massacre Inlet extending east towards Burketown. Following removals, contemporary speakers and knowledge holders now live at Doomadgee Community Council and Mornington Island. 

Austlang indicates that languages from the North Wellesley Islands and adjoining mainland include Yukulta, Kayardild, Lardil and Yangkaal which O'Grady et al (1966) classify in the 'Tangkic' group (tangka means 'person' in all four languages).

Wellesley Islands showing the four language groups in the coastal region.

Austlang also identifies only a handful of fluent speakers are known in the region; community revival efforts include teaching of Ganggalida at Doomadgee State School and the compilation of a Ganggalida to English community dictionary which features a CD with audio content. Community efforts are also supported through the North Queensland Regional Aboriginal Corporation Language Centre. Further linguistic work in the region has been undertaken by Evans, Nancarrow and Mushan; several publications are held within the State Library collections, while additional material including sound recordings are held at AIATSIS.

Join State Library for next week's Language of the Week; we are back to the start of the alphabet - Agwamin from Far North Queensland!


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Cover image: Two young boys at the rodeo, Doomadgee, Queensland, ca. 2008-2011. Image number: 30818-0001-0013

Map of Wellesley Islands - from Memmott, P., Robins, R. and Stock, E. (2008) "What exactly is a fish trap? Methodological issues for the study of aboriginal intertidal rock wall fish traps, Wellesley Islands region, Gulf of Carpentaria, Australia." [Accessed from UQ eSpace]


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AIATSIS - Australian Insitute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies

Austlang: Australian Languages Database

North Queensland Regional Aboriginal Corporation Language Centre.


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