Language of the Week Series.

State Library hopes you have enjoyed the A-Z of Queensland languages series featured on the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages blog - it will be having a short break. Over the past few months a different Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander language has been showcased providing a snapshot of the language, where it was spoken and a selection of words and resources.

Additionally, the series has provided an insight into lesser known languages and the efforts of community and language centres to revive these languages.

Language of the Week wordle.

As shown in the above wordle, this series has showcased 32 languages from across Queensland.

The languages in order of appearance include:

  • Abodja
  • Birria     
  • Dallebarra          
  • Gayiri   
  • Iningai  
  • Jarowair              
  • Kayardild            
  • Lamalama           
  • Mabuiag             
  • Ndorndorin       
  • Oykangand        
  • Pitta Pitta           
  • Saibai   
  • Teppathiggi       
  • Umpila 
  • Wapabara          
  • Yukulta
  • Agwamin            
  • Buluguyban       
  • Djagaraga           
  • Goenpul             
  • Irukandji             
  • Jangga 
  • Kawalgaw Ya     
  • Luthigh
  • Maiawali             
  • Nyawaygi           
  • Olkola  
  • Torres Strait Creole        
  • Umbuygamu     
  • Wulgarukaba    
  • Yiman

With the upcoming International Decade of Indigenous Languages 2022-32, State Library will be seeking input from guest bloggers to share their language journeys!

So watch this space as State Library continues to explore ways to raise awareness and share information about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages across Queensland.



Desmond Crump

Indigenous Languages Coordinator, State Library of Queensland

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