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State Library and The Conversation join forces to bring you a series of events with subject matter experts from universities and research institutions discussing, challenging and reflecting on the issues that concern us.

Cut from a different cloth

Join our panel of experts as we take a look at Queensland’s past and future culture and identity through tea towels.

30 years since Mabo

Hear from Eddie Synot, Professor Henry Reynolds, Hannah Duncan, and Charles Passi as they discuss the Mabo Case.

What is the future of First Nations literature?

Hear from Tony Birch and Larissa Behrendt, and emerging Torres Strait Islander writer and editor Jasmin McGaughey.

Plants and people: the art of living together

Join Eddie Game, Tanja Beer, Prudence Gibson and Laura Skates for a discussion about people's interactions with plants.

Children can change the world

In this video Sandra Phillips, Kate Douglas, and Gai Lindsay discuss how art and storytelling make for empowered children.

People, power and photography

Watch Dr Cherine Fahd, Professor Jane Lydon and Dr Chris Salisbury as they discuss the power of photography.

Cook Revisited

Watch Professor Kate Darian-Smith, Associate Professor Kate Fullagar and Alison Page as they discuss Cook's arrival. 

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