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Listen to extraordinary voices of Queensland and discover entertaining, compelling and unexpected stories through State Library's podcasts.

Cake the podcast

Cake is not just a food, it’s an emotion. From the history of cake to the iconic cakes of our childhood, State Library’s Cake the podcast takes you on a sweet journey that connects you to memories, community and family. Learn about the people, the places and the recipes that have influenced our insatiable taste for cake.
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Hi, I'm Eddie

2022 marks 30 years since Torres Strait Islander, Eddie Koiki Mabo, and a group of four Meriam people won in a case against the State of Queensland, for land they knew was traditionally theirs. The fight for Mer, in the Eastern Island group of the Torres Strait, would take a decade and end up dispelling any notion that Australia was ‘terra nullius’ before British colonisation.
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Dangerous Women

Delve into the lives of five Queensland women who challenged the status quo and brought about inspirational change. No dry historical facts here, join host Holly Zwalf as she takes us into the world of some of the greatest Queensland women you’ve never heard of.
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