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Children can change the world

Children and young people have been engaging in potent storytelling for centuries – think Anne Frank and, more recently, Malala Yousafzai, Greta Thunberg and Zach Doomadgee. And yet too often adults minimise children's voices by saying they are too young to have a useful perspective or should “stick to being kids”.

In this video, Associate Professor Sandra Phillips (University of Queensland), Professor Kate Douglas (Flinders University), and Dr Gai Lindsay (University of Wollongong) discuss how art and storytelling make for culturally-engaged and empowered children, and how connecting with young people’s stories and perspectives can promote change. Chaired by Dr Barbara Piscitelli AM, researcher and founder-collector of the Children's Art Archive, the discussion covers children as artists, storytellers and cultural citizens, as well as representations of children in literature, their resilience in the face of abuse and danger, and the power of young people’s voices.

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Big Voices: Children’s Art Matters

Drawing from the Dr Barbara Piscitelli AM Children's Art Archive Big Voices celebrates the courage and creativity of children sharing their stories through art.
Dolita Delta self portrait image in Big Voices Exhibition