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Great and Grand Rumpus, Joe Ruckli 2022
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Community engagement

The Edge hosts a range of meetups and talks, community projects and collaborations. Check out some of them below. 

A photo through glass of people working with digital equipment
Open lab
Get creative during our Open lab sessions at The Edge on Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday.
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A photo of people meeting at The Edge
Hack the Evening
A meetup for makers, tinkers & technologists, Hack the Evening is on every Thursday night at The Edge.
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3 people use and learn to use a sewing machine
Threads at The Edge
Threads at The Edge is our regular fashion and sewing meetup.
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A photo of a woman standing near a screen which reads glowstitch LEDs
Made Today
Our showcase of creatives at The Edge, through talks, videos and blogs.
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Person using SLQ Recording Studio
Audio at The Edge
Monthly meetup for musicians, producers, and audio creators.
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A photo of two children animating on an ipad
Family make it club
A regular meetup for families to get creative at The Edge.
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Past Projects

Read more about some of the creative projects, exhibitions and collaborations that have taken place at The Edge over the years. 

Photo of 71 year old Graham Baldwin sitting in calf high water through his house after flooding in Echuca East.
Nikon-Walkey 2023 Press Photography Exhibition
The Edge hosted the 2023 exhibition of the award winning images.
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APAF banner image
Asia Pacific Architecture Festival
Asia Pacific Architecture Festival partnership with State Library of Queensland.
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A man and a woman participating in the 2019 Siganto Digital Learning Workshops, rebuilding a computer.
Siganto Digital Learning Workshops
The Siganto Digital Learning Workshop program aims to equip recently arrived communities with a personal computer, and the skills needed to use and maintain these.
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Dragon great and grand rumpus
The Great and Grand Rumpus
The Great and Grand Rumpus is a creative collaboration with community to make cardboard sculptures.
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Children inspecting the cardboard fort during Fun palace
Fun Palace
Fun Palace is community STEM based event. State Library of Queensland has hosted Fun Palaces for a number of years.
Fun Palace