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Series: Our favourite State Library eResources.

People often ask us what our most loved eresources are. Admittedly we all have a favourite, or two, or three. It’s hard to pick as there are so many wonderful State Library eresources available. In this series our Librarians and Library Technicians share with you their most favourite eresources and how they’ve been used to solve research queries. 

Next in the series we look at ProQuest ABI/Inform, a big favourite of Librarian Anne Reddacliff.

So why is ProQuest ABI/Inform so fabulous?

ProQuest ABI/Inform is the ultimate eresource for finance enthusiasts, those of us who like to read up about business and investing. It's for the people whose eyes light up at the mention of the words “budget” or “money savings”. ProQuest ABI/Inform is a great way to get an overview of complex economic issues and management theory as well as keep up to date with finance news or research. You'll love it if you love reading (or hearing) about business strategies and leadership tips.

Best of all, you can access ProQuest ABI/Inform. online from home with your free State Library membership.

A bit about this database

Do you love millennial finance podcasts like She’s On the Money, The Buyer’s Bible and The Australian Finance Podcast? If so, ProQuest ABI/Inform is your next leap into the world of investing and money management. It contains business news and articles from the likes of The Wall Street Journal and Business Insider as well as scholarly journals, books and even videos. A search for “personal finance”, the topic of the moment, reveals over 600 000 search results of which there are 9218 blogs and 5 videos. In my search of “personal finance” I also found news articles on the five best personal finance apps and special reports on the “big issues” in personal finance. Think of ProQuest ABI/Inform as the Feedly of business information - it’s got all you need curated in one online hub.

How It Works

ProQuest ABI/Inform has search boxes in which you can choose to search keywords like “personal finance” or for more relevant results you can use the drop down menu to select “Subject heading” and then type in “personal finance”. You can also add additional keywords. For example, I did a search on “personal finance” as a “Subject heading” and then “women” as a keyword. This returned 4530 results including articles from scholarly journals and trade journals on the gender pay gap, women’s financial worries about retirement and, of course, how to market products to women.


Another feature of ProQuest ABI/Inform is that you can limit by document type. This means you can choose to see only scholarly journals or trade journals. If like me, you’re more interested in popular content, you can also limit to videos, blogs, podcasts and websites as well as newspapers and magazines. No matter how you like to get your business news ProQuest ABI/Inform has a document type for you!


Why you should use it

There’s a plethora of financial information out there right now but ProQuest ABI/Inform allows you to sort through it all at your own pace and in your preferred format. While it’s fine to get your personal finance tips from popular podcasts, sometimes you want to do a deep dive. That’s where ProQuest ABI/Inform comes in. It gives you a platform on which to jump into the world of personal finance and explore like a scuba diver in the Great Barrier Reef.

Join now and start using ProQuest ABI/Inform. Who knows, maybe you’ll find enough information to start your own finance podcast?

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