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Woman using a mac computer is an elearning platform that includes over 13,000 courses, with dozens added each week. 

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Aboriginal and Torres Islander people chatting inside the State Library of Queensland

Did you know there are over 150 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander language groups in Queensland?

Staff preserving the Blocksidge collection at State Library of Queensland

Learn techniques to care for, preserve, and make accessible your family's personal treasures.

Man sitting at computer Photo By Joe Ruckli

Explore resources in all subject areas, including as literature and music.

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Man using computer in study nook at State Library of Queensland

State Library develops educational resources students for selected exhibitions as well as selected works in our collection.


Project-based activities across science, technology, engineering and math.


Man looking at Kanopy on desktop computer

Kanopy is an on-demand streaming video platform that offers films and documentaries. It also includes Kanopy Kids, which now offers unlimited plays.

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YouTube user interface on a laptop

Access engaging learning activities, videos and images based on the treasures in our collections.

Client using a laptop

Watch video content including motion picture films, digital stories and oral history as well as events and lectures.

Dr Barbara Piscitelli AM

Uncover known and unknown stories from across Queensland and through time.

Hear intimate stories or challenging histories from people in their own words.

A night by the fire in kuril dhagun at the State Library

Join us for a yarn around the fire and hear stories from inspiring people.

Client using a public computer

A re-telling of stories and songs from "Myths and Legends of the Torres Strait".

Audience watching Taking Ideas event in auditorium

Watch live events with the world’s best authors, thinkers and commentators.

Dr Kirsten Ferguson

Watch talks from leading entrepreneurs in business, technology and the creative industries.


State Library of Queensland building during the day

Get the latest news and read articles from a range of topics from John Oxley Library to Make, art and design.

Man working on a computer in the business studio

The first online newspapers service to combine key national titles from Fairfax, News Ltd and ABC.

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Man using computer at State Library Queensland

PressReader is a database that brings you online newspapers and magazines from Australia and across the globe.

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Client reading ebook at the State Library of Queensland Photo by Emma Winch

State Library provides access to thousands of ebooks through One Search, the library catalogue.

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Advertisement Lord  Taylor Lord  Taylor Co

Gain fascinating insight into fashion, society, art and culture over the last century.

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Flat lay of the library shop products

Visit our online shop and discover a wonderful selection of Queensland's best established and emerging authors.


Man looking at photograph at the Caboolture public library

Information about accessing the resources of State Library of Queensland's Family History collections.

Woman using a laptop at the State Library of Queensland Photo by Jeff Camden

State Library provides access to journal articles, newspapers, company and industry data, music scores and more.

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State Library of Queensland staff member on the phone

State Library of Queensland staff can help answer your questions and offer research guidance.


3 Laughing Kookaburras

Play fun online games and quizzes featuring our rich collections.


Enjoy seeing what people are looking at through the catalogue One Search in real time. 

Explore over 61000 photographs of Queensland houses from the 1960s and 70s, from the State Library's Corley Collection. Help identify an address or share your story.

Hands typing on laptop keyboard

Tag our photos, text correct newspapers or transcribe our collections. We need your help.

Fleet Admiral William T Halsey and Commander W J Kitchell at the Coral Sea Service American Memorial in Newstead Park Brisbane 1954

Listen to and transcribe the voices of Queensland on Amplify. You can help us to make our oral history collections accessible and discover amazing stories at the same time. 

Image of cabin built within Queensland Minecraft

Join State Library Queensland's Minecraft server, full of challenges, excitement and adventures.


Nurse Nellie Lambton relaxing at home with her photograph album Townsville ca 1919

Browse through State Library albums showing various aspects of Queensland life over time.


Google Arts & Culture is an online platform through which the public can access high-resolution images of State Library collections.

Metro Theatre Albert Street Brisbane Queensland 1973 buildings and shops next to Metro Cinema on Albert Street

The photographs on Historypin are only a small part of our collection. Add your stories and memories to our pictures.


Experience the diversity and richness of Queensland’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages from home with our interactive self-guided tour of the Spoken exhibition

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