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Audiobooks have become increasingly popular over the last five years among children and adults alike. The convenience of being able to do the dishes while listening to a book is part of the appeal for adults, but what about for children?  

Audiobooks provide a convenient way to hear a story, are lightweight for travelling, provide screen-free entertainment and there are many literacy benefits as well.  

Independent reading 

To encourage early literacy, your child can listen to the audio recording and follow along with the book, creating a sense of reading independence while promoting print to sound awareness. This is a wonderful opportunity for parents and carers to talk with their little one about the pictures or discuss the different sounds some letters make.  

Active learners  

If your little one is a story time wriggler, audiobooks can enable them to hear stories without feeling the pressure of staying in one spot. They can draw pictures or build with blocks while listening to a good book.  

Brings books to life 

The highly skilled and animated performances found in audiobooks, sometimes complete with sound effects and soundtracks, bring stories to life in a different way and help children to create pictures in their mind.  

Encourages reading  

Hearing a book can encourage your child to want to see the physical book, complete with characters and drawings – the perfect opportunity for a visit to the library

Road trips

If you’re planning a road trip, try downloading and playing audio books. They are a great way to keep children engaged and avoid the “are we there yet?” chants. 

English as an additional language  

Audiobooks provide an opportunity for your little one to explore a variety of books read aloud in English. If you are still learning English yourself, this can be beneficial for everyone in the family! 

So next time you have a long car trip or your little one is asking about screen time, try an audiobook. Your library will have plenty to borrow, and all the Stories for Little Queenslanders audiobooks are free to download and listen. 

First 5 Forever sessions are free at your local library! Join other families and enjoy a fun adventure with your little one.


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