Yaama ngindaahli [hello everyone]

This will be my last blog post - after 13 years as the Indigenous Languages Coordinator at the State Library, I will be taking up a new position at University of Queensland in their recently established Centre of Indigenous Languages.

I will still be continuing my passion for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages developing and delivering programs for community language workers; something that has been missing in Queensland and it is an exciting new opportunity.

Language Research Workshop Participants, Brisbane (June 2019).

I will have a lot of fond memories from my time here, one of the highlights being the Spoken exhibition which celebrated the stories of Queensland language communities. I felt very privileged to work with community members to share their language journeys and bring their stories to life through the exhibition.

People touring the Spoken exhibition.

I will leave the library with fond memories of people - not just my colleagues here at the library, but the community language workers and community members who have been supported through the Indigenous Languages Project.

Wordle showing the different languages of the week showcased during 2020.

Over the past 15 years, the languages project has directly supported 105 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages across Queensland. For many community members, the library collections is their first starting point on their language journey and this work will continue through community workshops, language residencies and other activities.

The upcoming International Decade of Indigenous Languages (2022-32) will be a wonderful opportunity to build on the energy of the the 2019 International Year and bring much needed attention to language communities.

Thanks to all the amazing people I have worked with at the library and across Queensland communities - I am grateful of the stories you shared and your passion for language and culture. I learn something new everyday in my work with community and I will continue this journey of language in my new role.

Maarabuu nge yaluu! [Thanks and we'll talk again]



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Des Crump and language panel, Minya Birran (February 2020).


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Thank you so much for all your work, Des. This has been a part of the State Library that I have come back to time and time again. It is so interesting and such important work. Good luck with your new position.