Stones Corner

It is hoped to include the history of the Brisbane suburb of Stones Corner in a future episode of Channel Seven's Great South East program. Here is an overview of the suburb's development:

In 1875, James Stone purchased land on the corner of the present day Logan and Old Cleveland Roads from Frederika Klumpp.  In due course, James Stones operated a ginger beer shop from the site.  Over time, the area became known as Stones Corner.

The Stone family had arrived in the colony in August 1857 on board the ship Mary Pleasants, with James being one of the family's children.

Before the arrival of James Stones the area was known as Burnett’s Swamp.  Stones Corner is now gazetted as a locality within the suburb of Coorparoo.

Some early residents, settlers and businesses include:

  • Henry Opperman purchased land in the Stones Corner area in 1857, paying £59.  Opperman eventually sold his land to Frederika Klumpp who, in turn, sold the land to James Stone.
  • John Montegue Black.  Montegue Street is named in honour of this early settler.
  • Dennis O’Connor.
  • H. Narnst, Cash Butcher (1906).
  • Watson & Son, butcher (1911), J.F. Rogers butcher (J.F. Rogers later became the owner of the Alhambra Theatre).

Bicycles parked outside the Alhambra Theatre, Stones Corner, Brisbane, 1949, John Oxley Library, State Library of Queensland, Image No: 146464

  • Stewarts Department Store established in 1914.
  • Charles Henderson Motor Repair Shop.
  • Johnston’s Store (crockery, hardware, kitchenware, paint).
  • Regency Home Furnishers.
  • Beard’s Shoes.
  • Scientific Hobby Shop Pty Ltd.
  • Drouyn’s Music Store.
  • Tacey’s Drapers.
  • Gardiners Millinery.
  • Holt’s Electrical Store.
  • Finlayson’s Menswear.
  • Handasydes (Holden).

Stones Corner shops, 1956, John Oxley Library, State Library of Queensland, Image No: 193003

As the area was progressively developed for residential housing, a number of individual land subdivisions were undertaken, including:

  • Baynes Estate comprising 470 allotments (1880s).
  • Tram Terminus Estate, between Old Cleveland Road and Norman Creek (1885).
  • Knowsley Estate (1887).
  • Logan Road Estate comprising 30 allotments (1889).
  • Thompson Estate (1890).
  • Langlands House.  The land was originally purchased by Reuben Nicklin with Langlands House being constructed in 1876.  This property was eventually subdivided for housing (500 allotments).
  • Langlands Park – named after Langlands House.  At the time the property was subdivided, part of the land was retained as a sporting reserve.  Originally it was to be the home of the Eastern Suburbs Cricket Club and was large enough for two cricket fields.  In due course the cricket club moved on and it is now home to East Tigers Rugby League.  The Easts Leagues Club was built in 1999.

Kick off for Junior Rugby at Langlands Park, Stones Corner, John Oxley Library, State Library of Queensland, Image No: 193241

  • Stones Corner Hotel – This was originally called the Junction Hotel and was built by Dennis O’Connor (approximately 1890).
  • Stones Corner Shopping Precinct – In recent years, Stones Corner has become known as a centre for direct factory outlets.  This has brought a lot of shoppers to the area, rejuvenating the suburb.
  • 1856 – Norman Creek was first crossed by a bridge.
  • 1892 – Salvation Army Hall was constructed.
  • 1893 (October 6) – Postal services were established at Mr. Maxwell’s shop.
  • 1897 – Brisbane’s first electric tram ran from Logan Road, Woolloongabba to the southern end of Victoria Bridge on 21 June 1897.  This was extended to Stones Corner in January 1899.
  • 1902 – Public concern was being expressed over larrikin gangs in Coorparoo, Stones Corner, Highgate Hill, Paddington, Spring Hill, Manly and Nundah.
  • 1906 – August 10 – the first public telephone in Stones Corner was established in Reynold’s Store.

more photographs of Stones Corner


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My ggg Grandmother Friedericke Klumpp sold the block to Mr Stone. She and her husband Gottlieb Klumpp were the first settlers in the area and lived at what is now 91 Old Cleveland Road. They purchased an acreage here in 1858 and Gottlieb built a slab construction house of 4 rooms for them and their combined family of 7 children. The Klumpp sons eventually established farms at Mt Gravatt, hence Klumpp road. Gottlieb's first wife was also Friedericke and she and their eldest son were murdered by a local aboriginal at Sandy Creek near Jimboomba in August 1857. Gottlieb then married Friedericke Klemm whose husband had died on 29/12/1857 from sunstroke. She was 6 months pregnant at the time.

Elizabeth! Friedericke was my gggg Grandmother! My ggg Grandfather and Grandmother were Karl Christian Klemm and Annie Johanna Riedel (Karl's second wife), my gg Grandmother was Anne Catherine Klemm (married John Henry McCusker), my great grandmother was Mary Hannah Shearwin nee McCusker (not sure of her real fathers name - she was adopted by John McCusker) and my Grandmother (who has sadly just passed away was Beryl Joy Evans nee Shearwin

Fredericke was my ggg grandmother too! My gg grandfather was Carl's brother, Johann Christian Klemm, and my g grandmother was his daughter Anna Fredericke Klemm, so I guess we are all some kind of cousins removed!

gottlieb is i think my ggggg grandfather, i have the booklet from the family reunion back in the 80's and yeah ive always been interested in the history of us so too speak.

I also have the book written by Lorraine Jordon (I think) - my Great Grandmother's maiden name was Klumpp and she grew up on Klumpp Road. The Frederika Klumpp mentioned as selling her land to Mr James Stone is in my family history.

Gottlieb my ggg-f, then Heinrich [Henry] isgg-f who was about 5 yrs when emigrated. Brother Alan & self went past the memorial stone yesterday, so we always have a wee chat about the awful event probably 2x a year. I always think of the poor kids losing their mum that way .

gottlieb also my gggf, heinrich my ggf, george- gf, norm- f. mt.gravatt historical society have plenty of info on the family.

my grandmother was alice may zuch nee stone born march1944. i'm looking for information on a daughter born approx. 1930.

hello i live at 111 old clevland road stones coner 4120 . i was wonering if any one knows about the history of the house . my parents and i know that it is was called the boat house? i am doing research for a schoo l project.

Hi MarantThe Brisbane City Council have produced an excellent booklet called "Your house has a history" -… , which provides lot of useful tips on how to trace the history of your house. If you need any further advice please contact us - luckMyles

Looking to see when the house in Celveland Street were constructed More specicifically the property at 71 Cleveland StHow can this be found??

Hi PaulThe Brisbane City Council have produced an excellent booklet called “Your house has a history” –… , which provides lot of useful tips on how to trace the history of your house. If you need any further advice please contact us –

Hi james stone was my great great grandfather

hey Bruce Osmond, he was mine as well, from Victor Stone, my father is Geoff R.W. Stone.

Hi Bruce,James Stone was my 3rd great uncle. :) His dad was my 4th Great grandfather Jodie

He was my GGGF as well. My GGF an Eade married Phobe Stone, one of James Stones daughters.. Together they lived both at 98 and 96 Old Cleveland Road. My GM Ivy Eade had to evict them ( No. 96) as they were squatting. They were unclean and inside the house was dirty. My apologies to any of Phobes relatives

Do you know anything about his daughter Julia? I believe she was married to my Grandfather

Hi Jaret and Bruce...James Stone was my Grandmother Pearl Stone's Uncle. So James and her father Job Stone were brothers. So many relatives....

Job Stone was my 4th great grandfather ...small world we live in

Was mine also My mothers father was Job Stone

James Stone was my grandfather s grandfather.

My great grandfather was the JamesWatson who established a butcher shop at Stones Corner. They had a chain of shops and a slaughter yard. Exported meat to the US. Very interested in making contact with the second family he established when he emigrated from Glasgow to Queensland before his wife. We know there was a second family but my generation and the one before never knew who they were. redheaded by repute though.

I'm related to Job Stone..he was my gg grandfather Denise Wilson

I am James Stone

You state that Charles Henderson established his motor Repair Shop in the 1950s. THIS IS NOT CORRECT. The shop was established in 1917 in it's Logan Road position originally as a Motor Cycle Sales and Repairs business. By 1918, he was also doing car repairs. In the late 1930s, it was again rebuilt and enlarged to accommodate pump up petrol bowsers. The shop was originally built in front of his fathers Blacksmith Shop, and it was in this shop that the Langlands Park Memorial Gates were built, and power at that time was supplied by a connection to the Brisbane Tramways overhead lines. If needed photos can be supplied.

Thank you for that information Don. I can confirm that Henderson's garage was operating in the 1930s. Here is an article from Trove about the first flight of an aeroplane built by Charles Henderson.

I remember at a klump family reunion in the 1980s and release of a family history book that the murder was by spear and several aborigines were hung only later it was discovered it was by a couple of white men. You may want to check that bit of history.

My grandmother Ellen Love often told me the story of how her
Stones corner was named for her Uncle Jimmy who came out from England. For many years it remained Uncle Jimmy's corner to me when I lived in Qld.
My grandmother migrated from England several years later.