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Kedron is another suburb to be featured on Channel Seven's Great South East program, with the recently filmed segment to be broadcast during June 2008.

The suburb's name derives from the name of the watercourse that runs through the area, Kedron Brook.  The name Kedron appears to have first been used by early missionaries who had settled in the Nundah area.  These early missionaries called the creek which traversed their land Kedron Brook, basing the name on a Biblical reference.

Bridge over Kedron Brook, ca. 1925.  Image No: 57690

Justice Alfred Lutwyche, Queensland’s first judge was one of the area's early residents, naming his residence Kedron Lodge, taking the word Kedron from the already named creek.

 Kedron Lodge, ca. 1937.  Image No: 69664

The official usage of the name appears to have been started by local shopkeeper and postman, John King who adopted the name Kedron for the locality in the early 1890s.

Early settlers and residents in the area have included:

  • Missionaries who settled in the Nundah area in 1838.  The missionaries were granted approximately five hundred acres of land along Kedron Brook.
  • Alexander Barron and family (1856)
  • Judge Alfred Lutwyche purchased 50 acres and built his residence, naming it Kedron Lodge (1862)
  • Henry Craig who settled on land now occupied by Lutwyche Cemetery (1864/5)
  • Paul Maggs and family (1860s)
  • William Shaw and family (1865).  The family's residence,  Shaw’s Villa, overlooked Kedron Brook
  • Gallagher family
  • Scriven family
  • Robinson family
  • Edinburgh Castle Hotel built by George Orr (1868).  The hotel was originally situated on the opposite side of Edinburgh Castle Road.

Edinburgh Castle Hotel, ca. 1929 Image No: 1866

  • Kedron Tannery (1887 – Michael Gallagher).  This tannery was very successful and  became known Australia wide for the quality of its products.
  • Edinburgh Tannery – (1889 – Paul Maggs).  This tannery was situated alongside Kedron Creek at the end of Nundah Street

Gallagher’s Tannery, 1902 Image No: 6530


  • John and Abigail King's general store (1891) on the present site of the Commonwealth Bank (Gympie Road)
  • Peter Smith's newsagency (1892)
  • James Barron, blacksmith on the corner of Gympie and Stafford Roads
  • Jack Taylor’s “Shoeing, General Smith, Coachbuilders, Motor Body Builders and Painting”
  • Hart and Neilan, blacksmiths
  • Claude Barron, blacksmith
  • Jack Landers screened films at the Kedron Park Raceway
  • Wintergarden Theatre (1923)
  • Lutwyche Cemetery, on land originally owned by Henry Craig.  The cemetery dates from 1878 and was originally known as Kedron Brook Cemetery.  The name of the cemetery was later changed to Lutwyche Cemetery to commemorate Judge Lutwyche.
  • Kedron Park Racecource, once situated adjacent to the Kedron Park Hotel.

Kedron Park Racecourse, 1922 Image No: 6813-0001-0001

Significant dates in the history and development of Kedron:

  • 1866 – 30 Nov. – Church of England (St. Andrew’s) established.
  • 1886 – The enactment of anti-pollution regulations began to counteract various noxious industries that had been established in the area.
  • 1904 – Part of Kedron, with Lutwyche and Wooloowin incorporated into the Town of Windsor.
  • 1913 – Presbyterian Church established, commencing with a Sunday School but gaining full church status in 1945.
  • 1923 – Catholic Church established in the area.
  • 1925 – Methodist Church established with the first services held in the Wintergarden Theatre.
  • 1926 – 2 Oct. – Kedron State School (staff – James Lennon - headmaster, Florence Hawkins, Ruth Pilkington, Roy Bayliss and Marcella Fitzgerald).
  • 1930 – 29 Jan. – St Anthony’s established.
  • 1934 – Kedron Bowls Club established.
  • 1955 – Kedron Park resumed for educational building purposes – Kedron Park Teachers College, then Queensland University of Technology and now the site of Queensland Emergency Services.
  • 1956 – Padua College established.
  • 1956 – Mount Alvernia established.
  • 1956 – Kedron State High School established.

more photographs of Kedron


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Just found out that my Great Great Grandfather owned brick works in Lutwyche back in the late 1880's, his name was Charles Finamor. Would you have any pictures of him or information.Thanks!

I know this comment was left a few years ago now, but my GG Grandfather was also Charles Finamor His daugher Harriet was my G Grandmother. I am researching the Finamor side of the family and would appreciate any help in locating pictures or information on the family and would be happy to share anything I have with you. Regards Veronica Wark

Thanks for visiting the blog.We'll have a look and get back to you.

I believe my grandfather was a jockey in the early 1900s and raced at the Kedron Park Raceway. His name was William Williams and came from Beaudesert. Would there be any records of the jockeys who raced here in the early 1900s?

Hi LeonaPlease enter your query into our online enquiry form:http://www.slq.qld.gov.au/services/ask. We'll have a look in our records to see what we have.

Photo 57690 is of the Thistle Street/Bradshaw Street Bridge at Lutwyche. Kedron Lodge: Lutwyche bought his land and ithe building was commenced in 1860.

Are you able to tell me what date Kedron park hotel opened

Hi AnnetteThank you for your question. Could you please fill in our online enquiry form and our reference librarians will look into this for you. Here is the link – http://askslq.altarama.com/reft100.aspx?pmi=SEKkiqXPG2RegardsMyles Sinnamon – blog editor

Hi,I've just found an old photo on the wall of a cafe in Birmingham UK titled Kedron State School 1932. The photo appears to be a class photo with a child in the middle holding a board showing the letter I or T. The background features appear to be typical of a Queensland building. Do you have any records of photos from the school at this time?I've also contacted the school.

Hi VernThank you for your question. Could you please fill in our online enquiry form and our reference librarians will look into this for you. Here is the link – http://www.slq.qld.gov.au/services/ask-usRegardsMyles Sinnamon – blog editor

Hi VeronicaMy name is Maureen and I live in Brisbane. My great grandmother was Eliza Louisa Finamor born in 1870 and I know she had a sister named Jessie born in 1877 who I believe was a twin to Harriet and there were other siblings as well. I look forward to your reply.Regards - Maureen

I was a taxi driver in 70s in Brisbane.Our two way radio operaters in those days refered to Kedron post office area as Time Square.Would anybody know the origins of this title?

Hi Bill,
The State Library of Queensland Ask Us service maybe able to locate the origins of this terminology. https://www.slq.qld.gov.au/plan-my-visit/services/ask-us

Would you have any information on Albert Edward Simpson & family who lived at Kedron Brook around 1920 and i think earlier. I know the Cardie the circus elephant was killed on his property but wondered if you have any other information relating to him. Thank you. Kerrie Overall

Hi Kerrie,
Thank you for your question. Please submit your enquiry via our online form and one of our librarians will assist you with this question. . Thanks https://www.slq.qld.gov.au/plan-my-visit/services/ask-us