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Queensland History with Myles Sinnamon

By JOL Admin | 5 December 2012

Amazing, shocking, incredible, funny…  these are just a few words describing the fascinating gems from our state’s past that Myles Sinnamon uncovers weekly on ABC Local Radio Queensland.

Each Tuesday night Myles can be heard talking Queensland history with ABC’s Rebecca Levingston on the ‘Evenings’ program , and as Rebecca says  “ never quite know what you’re going to get…” as Myles uncovers the memorable and often dramatic events, the fascinating personalities and the achievements and milestones that have helped shape our state.

Many of our readers will be familiar with Myles - formerly of  State Library’s Family History section and now working in Queensland Memory.  He's a regular contributor to this blog, and also tweets at @History_Qld

Group of friends gathered around a radio in Brisbane, ca. 1942

Group of friends gathered around a radio in Brisbane, ca. 1942

I have become an avid listener to his  radio segment, and each week look forward to learning more of our state’s history through the interesting and varied facts and recounting of events that Myles does so well.  Some of my favourite stories so far have included:

·    How an airline crew reacted to a man wielding gelignite and discharging a sawn-off rifle in Australia’s first attempted aircraft hijacking over Brisbane skies in 1960
·    An escapee Bengal tiger on the loose in Brisbane CBD in 1888
·    A plague of cats in Thargomindah - following on from a rat plague - and at the same time as a plague of rabbits (poor Thargomindah!)
·    Controversy surrounding the very loud Lang Park concerts of David Bowie (1978) and rock supergroup Kiss (1980); and
·    How the very first rugby league match between Queensland and NSW in 1908 resulted in score of 43- nil.  Who won you ask?  I won’t spoil it for you.

Whether it be political happenings, natural or other disasters, significant achievements, the long-forgotten, the fantastic or  the just plain bizarre, Myles brings Queensland history to life.

Catch Myles on Brisbane ABC Local Radio Queensland on Tuesday nights after 9pm.  The ‘Queensland History with Myles Sinnamon’ audio files have been archived and can be accessed on freely available online in the PANDORA Archive.

Maxine Fisher - Queensland Digital Content Coordinator, State Library of Queensland


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