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Missing Heritage - The Queensland Railway Times

By JOL Admin | 26 June 2017

Ever experienced the terrible disappointment of discovering a gap in our holdings, missing issues which for some reason were never acquired by State Library of Queensland. Sadly, in the case of the Queensland Railway Times, only a few issues exist in our collection.

Queensland Railway Times, John Oxley Library, State Library of Queensland

Published in Ipswich by the Queensland Railway Employees’ Association, the Queensland Railway Times was a longstanding publication, first published in October 1889.

The Newspaper press directory and advertisers' guide, 1917

An article reporting the genesis of this monthly publication appears in Brisbane's Telegraph newspaper on October 7, 1889 -

"The railway employees have arisen in wisdom, and formed themselves into an association for their mutual offence and defence, and recognising the value of a medium of thought, have started a little monthly journal of their own, called the "Queensland Railway Times". The first number appeared on the 1st of this month, and is a credit to the association. It is edited by Mr Colledge, who is at present the president of the association, and is printed by Messrs Warwick and Sapsford.

Although intended to serve a comparatively local clientele, this month's issue contains some very readable matter, and if it continues in its present course there need be no fear of its future. A suggestion might, however, be considered as to the advisableness of having a touch of professional literature in its columns, so as to give, in addition to the personal information of the association, some entertaining ideas on outside matters."

Advertisement, Queensland Railway Times. John Oxley Library, State Library of Queensland

As evidenced by these two editions, this periodical provides a wonderful insight with local news, upcoming events, obituaries and advertisements. State Library is hoping to recover and preserve more copies of the Queensland Railway Times, so that this historically valuable periodical is not lost forever.

Advertisement, Queensland Railway Times. John Oxley Library, State Library of Queensland

That’s where we need your help. If you have any copies of the Queensland Railway Times you don’t need anymore, by donating them to State Library you are insuring the survival of this publication as well as providing access to all Queensland researchers. Please contact us via email or leave a comment on this blog post if you can provide any assistance.

Myles Sinnamon - Project Coordinator, State Library of Queensland


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