Embracing the Dark - Brisbane's Gothic nightclub scene

Recently we received a fascinating collection of posters and flyers from Gothic music venues in Brisbane during the 1990s. The collection was donated to the library by ex-Abyss DJ, Myles Sinnamon. Brisbane had a reasonably strong Gothic scene which more or less emerged from the Punk scene but without the aggressive protest element, Goths tending more towards artistic and romantic ideals. Brisbane’s Gothic heyday was probably the 80s and early 90s, but the Gothic scene tends to wax and wane and is still alive in Brisbane.

Flyer advertising the Abyss nightclub at the Normanby Hotel, Brisbane, c.1996. Abyss was a Gothic nightclub. State Library of Queensland

Flyer advertising the Abyss nightclub at the Normanby Hotel, Brisbane, 1996. Abyss was a Gothic nightclub. State Library of Queensland

Most of the posters in this collection emanate from the Normanby Hotel, the Abyss Nightclub, Arcadia, London Burning, Midian, Dark Entries and the Bloodlust Ball. Collections such as these are extremely valuable in documenting Queensland’s music history, and I would like to hear from you if you have Queensland music material of any type, which you would like to donate to our collection. We collect contemporary and older materials. All items in our collections are housed in ideal conditions for their preservation and access by current and future researchers.

Laurel Dingle - Librarian, State Library of Queensland


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Hey there, My name is Joanne Perry aka Morella Eastgate I created The Carpathian Magistratus Vampyre Society in 1993 and the annual event The Bloodlust Ball the first held by the society in 1994 Brisbane. We produced 12 newsletters had picnics, movie premiers and radio interviews. We can be found at www.cmvs.org.au and have re-started our picnics and society. We are producing a magazine this year as an annual thing. Thanks Joanne Perry

Not sure if digital copies are useful... but I've posted scans of a variety of posters, tickets, setlists etc at https://www.flickr.com/photos/200ok/sets/72157641679881603

HiThanks for the sharing the link.Myles Sinnamon - blog editor

Dear DarrenYour collection of Brisbane Goth flyers from the late 90s sounds very interesting and valuable as local music/cultural history. This is exactly the type of material which I’m constantly seeking to add to the library’s already rich cultural heritage collections. As this is Queensland archival material with long term value for research and public interest, we would prefer to acquire the originals. Would you be interested in donating your collection to the library? All of our material is housed in the best possible conditions for its long term preservation . It is also made accessible to the public. Material such as this would also be featured in exhibitions and/or other public events when appropriate. Would you like to consider this option? Kind regardsLaurel DingleQueensland Music CoordinatorState Library of QueenslandPh: (07) 3840 7835Email: qldmemory@slq.qld.gov.au

I have a lot of flyers from this era, early to late 90s Brisbane Goth scene. I would make them available for scan or reproduction if you like.