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Celebrating the first 120 years

Back to the future

Our story begins with an energetic bearded chap, £500 and 4,000 books. Add a sprinkling of intrigue (we are looking at you Miss Maude) and adventure. Throw in some snarly comments from an American librarian and a princess in a spotty dress and you’ve got the beginnings of a cracking tale about State Library of Queensland. So, hop into a carriage and let’s get this party started...

George Street, Brisbane around 1887

State Library through the years

Highlights from Extra ordinary day

120 Blog posts

South Eastern View of the State Library of Queensland, Brisbane, Ca. 1960.

Timeline of significant events

State Library has proudly provided library services to the people of Queensland for more than 120 years.

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Stories behind the billboard

With State Library’s 120th anniversary and Queensland to a T in mind, the billboard design was built upon images of layers of tea towels full of colour, illustrations, and text – a reflection of the rich and multilayered nature of Queensland stories and the library collections amassed to represent them. The tea towels are also a fun way to invite people to engage with nostalgia as they walk alongside the billboard, sparking the desire for a longer trip down memory lane by visiting the exhibition.

Billboard outside State Library, 2022

Celebrating 20 years of Indigenous Knowledge Centres

IKCs are library services specifically delivered by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander councils across Queensland. This year we will celebrate each IKC, with particular emphasis on the seven IKCs celebrating 20 years of operation and service delivery.

Indigenous Knowledge Centre staff