Australian Library of Art

The Australian Library of Art documents the fine arts in Australia including the arts, crafts and history of the book. State Library invites you to explore these collections.

Artists' Books Collection

The Artists’ Books Collection is the largest publicly available collections of artists' books in Australia holding in excess of 1700 titles. It features the work of both Australian and overseas artists.

The History and Art of the Book Collection

This collection showcases and preserves rare and fine books reflecting the art, craft, history and impact of the printed book.

The Lindsay Collection of Pat Corrigan

Donated by Dr Patrick Corrigan AM, this collection relates to the Lindsay family of artists and writers and their milieu.

Australian Art Research Collection

The Australian Art Research Collection contains materials documenting Australian art history from the era before settlement through to the early twenty-first century. Formerly known as The James Hardie Library of Australian Fine Arts, the original collection was donated to State Library in 1988 by James Hardie Industries as a bicentennial gift to the nation. 

Australian Library of Art Showcase

Visit the Australian Library of Art Showcase on level 4, the space provides an opportunity to discover and explore the collections of the Australian Library of Art. 

A brief history of the Australian Library of Art

Learn about the history of the Australian Library of Art collection, how it came to to be, what it's made up of and why the collection is of national significance.