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Program | Making Meaning

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Program | Making Meaning




Vicki McDonald AM, State Librarian and Chief Executive Officer and Margaret Warren, Director, Content Management, State Library of Queensland


Opening keynote – From food to buildings and beyond: what happens when a library opens its digital collections to human-computer collaboration

Mauricio Giraldo, Colombia


Plans, potentials and pitfalls of collections as data 

Panel discussion with Dr Sara King, AARNet; Duncan Loxton, Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Data Archive; Alison Dellit, National Library of Australia and Mauricio Giraldo


Morning tea sponsored by OCLC


Lightning talks: transparency and trust

Technology, ethics, culture and collaboration when working with collections as data.

Presenting speakers:

Amanda Healy, Ex Libris – Data is All Around Us

In an era of innovation and technology, data is created and collected in every possible way. During the lightning talk session, Ex Libris will explore how different technology and solutions can leverage data to innovate and to integrate it into our day-to-day work.

Professor Michael Haugh, University of Queensland – ​​​​​​Cultural and social data analytics

Michael will outline work on cultural and social data analytics being developed in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Queensland, with a particular focus on efforts to enable researchers to gain new skills in data transformation, data mining and data visualisation.

Dr Sara King, AARNet – Electric boots and mohair suits: AARNet and GLAM

GLAM collections have long held our physical cultural objects for access and preservation, but increasingly these objects are digital. AARNet supports cultural heritage institutions in the digital era and is participating in a range of innovative and groundbreaking projects across the sector.


More than digital: working with Indigenous research data and Indigenous knowledge at the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Data Archive

Duncan Loxton, Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Data Archive

12 noon

Curator’s tour of Spoken: celebrating Queensland languages exhibition ​

Des Crump, Coordinator, Indigenous Languages, State Library of Queensland




Lightning talks: from data to meaning

Presenting speakers:  

Dr Geoff Hinchcliffe and Assoc. Prof. Mitchell Whitelaw – The Corley collection explorer

Ashley Dennis-Henderson – Not all data is created equal: analysing Australia's WW1 diaries

Des Crump – Reviving Indigenous languages through data

Dr Kerry Raymond – Machine generating Wikipedia content

Kirsten Wright – Find & Connect map of children’s homes

Seth Ellis – Cataloguing historical sound

Rachel Merrick – Stewarding data-rich collections for use and re-use


Closing Keynote – The forest and the trees​​​​: insights discovered while creating We Are Here: An Atlas of Aotearoa

Chris McDowall, New Zealand


End of symposium


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Making Meaning: Collections as Data Symposium

Join us on Friday 6 March 2020 at State Library.

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