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The Great & Grand Rumpus

A large cardboard leg from an imaginary beast in the foreground with a cardboard cow in the background who has a very animated face.

The Great & Grand Rumpus

The Making of The Great & Grand Rumpus

The Great & Grand Rumpus is a collaboration of cardboard, creativity and community.  

Incorporating the ideas of over 1000 participants from ages six to sixty, the exhibition brings the nonsensical to life, the unreal to reality and LOUDNESS to the library!

The project, completed over 15 months in libraries, schools and learning spaces across south-east Queensland, reminds us all of the importance of childlike wonder and how playing with the box is sometimes more fun than what was inside.

Explore The Land of Rumpus through the SLQ Wiki to discover the making of this world of wonder.

Two girls crafting with cardboard
Student using a computer to design a 3D dragon
Classroom of students sketching ideas
Students collaborating on a whiteboard
Woman and girl crafting paper sculptures together
Model dragon made with plasticine and hands of children on table

Creating a visual identity

In the visual identity conceived by Brisbane design studio Inkahoots, students from Brisbane South State Secondary College and Brisbane State High School used tape and square grid paper, to represent computer pixels and collaged letters to create a unique, custom typography to tell the story of wonder, wackiness and handmade. These experiments were produced into a playful typography used throughout the online and in-gallery exhibition.

Other elements, include grid paper effect, scribbles and pen smudges were used as options in creating the logotype for The Great & Grand Rumpus.

A monogram option was also created to support exhibition design and merchandise. This was based on early tape experiments by students.

Download The Great & Grand Rumpus fonts

Tape font Download
Pixel font Download
Entry hall of the Great & Grand Rumpus
Student drawing letters on grid paper with pen
Students participating in school-based workshop with facilitators assisting their work
Student tearing tape to create letter shapes at a table
Student at desk with torn tape lettering experiment
Colourful paper sculpture of a Koi Fish


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