Family history month

August is National Family History Month Australasia and State Library of Queensland joins various libraries, archives, genealogy societies and other organisations in celebrating this event. It's a great time to start exploring your family tree or follow new leads.

Getting started

Our family history pages are a great place to start for family history research.

Cribb and Foote family photograph 

Family history resources

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Family History

Learn more about your Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander family history with our step-by-step guide. Find out where records about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples are kept and how to access them.

Databases for family history research

Databases are an excellent way to find information on your ancestors, enabling you to gather material from multiple sources. Our family history databases include historical newspapers, and biographical sources.

Family history webcasts and videos

Family history webcasts cover major family history topics, including birth, death and marriage records, newspapers, immigration and shipping, house histories, World War 1 records, and the roles of the major family history societies and repositories.

Ask us

Need help researching your family history? Library staff can assist wherever you are across the state.

Family history blog posts

Discover interesting websites, learn some new research skill and read some fascinating family history tales.

Research the history of your house

Every house has a history. Discover and explore resources for tracing the history of a house and the land it's built on.