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South Sea Islanders arriving by ship in Bundaberg, Queensland Negative number: 18058
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Australian South Sea Islanders

This exhibition occurred in the past

To mark the contribution of Australian South Sea Islanders to Queensland for the past 150 years, State Library of Queensland has engaged with many interested people, in particular members of the Australian South Sea Islander Community to explore collection materials, to digitise content for world-wide access and to develop workshops, programs, discussions, tours and a wide range of exhibitions throughout the State this past year.

Resilient and Vibrant Culture

Today’s Australian South Sea Islanders have a special place in Queensland’s cultural diversity and history.  They are the descendants of South Sea Islanders brought to Queensland from 1863 to 1904 from 80 Melanesian islands to work the State’s cotton and sugar plantations.  The 62,000 men, women and children were considered a cheap source of labour, with many being kidnapped, tricked or blackbirded.  By 1908, many had been deported under the “White Australia” policy and those who remained suffered harsh treatment and discrimination.  Today, Australian South Sea Islanders have a unique identity in Queensland, which is embedded in a rich heritage and vibrant culture.

To mark the contribution of Australian South Sea Islanders to Queensland for the past 150 years, State Library of Queensland has engaged with many interested people, in particular members of the Australian South Sea Islander Community to explore collection materials, to digitise content for world-wide access and to develop workshops, programs, discussions, tours and a wide range of exhibitions throughout the State this past year.  This included Memories from a Forgotten People, a major collaborative project between the State Library of Queensland, Queensland Art Gallery l Gallery of Modern Art, recognising this important year in Queensland’s history.  A hidden history with many difficult stories, this rich contribution to Queensland heritage will now be remembered for longevity through blogs, events and everyday recognition.

During 2013, State Library of Queensland, with input from many stake holders, put together a selection of digitised historic content that depicts the story of Melanesians brought to Queensland to work in the sugar and cotton plantations and is developing a more recent recollection of the Australian South Sea Islander Community today through contemporary stories and imagery.

Bittersweet Journey

Photographs from the John Oxley Library reveal the multiple layers of Australian South Sea Islanders’ experience during the 19th and early 20th centuries in Queensland. Captured through the lens of time, we see the cultural diversity and contribution to heritage made by Islanders who were brought to Queensland as indentured labourers from 1863 through 1904. Many of the indentured labourers were young boys in their early teens who were coerced to Queensland by dubious and unethical means, with use of trickery and kidnapping often reported. We see transformation of cultural identity reflected in physical changes of dress and in the societal changes of work and play. Many of the images depict very difficult and dangerous work conditions as well as the everyday of the boys, men, women and children. From work to marriage to family life, much is revealed, allowing us access to this fraught part of Queensland’s history some 150 years later and to fully realise the significant contribution made to our collective heritage.

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South Sea Islander woman at Farnborough, ca 1895. Negative number 3680

South Sea Islander woman at Farnborough, Queensland, ca. 1895, Negative number 3680, John Oxley Library, State Library of Queensland.

Oceanie. Bruxelles : Callewaert freres :1869. Record No. 725434

Oceanie. Bruxelles : Callewaert freres :1869, Record No. 725434, John Oxley Library, State Library of Queensland. 

The Written Truth

Heritage maps from the John Oxley Library show the world as it was depicted in the early 1860s through the early 1900s when South Sea Islanders arrived by vessel from nearby islands to work as indentured labourers in Queensland. Over time the maps change, the spelling of names, the addition of islands and more. Information about the practice of indentured labour can be realised today from the monographs written by missionaries at the time. These volatile missives extoled the virtues of missionary work in the Melanesian Islands while condemning the practice of indentured servitude in Queensland as “slave labour” to the world. Further historical truths are revealed with the passage of monumental government policies: the White Australia Act and the Pacific Islanders Labourers Act, both of 1901. A Royal Commission was formed in 1906 to provide an humane review about the ordered mandatory deportation of Islanders, following the 1901 acts that forbade Islanders to be employed in Queensland.

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Australian South Sea Islanders Today

More than 1000 contemporary images donated by photographer Brian Rogers to the State Library of Queensland begins to document the people and places that make up the many Australian South Sea Islander communities along Queensland's coast.In 2000, an exhibition called Refined White was developed by the Australian Sugar Industry Museum in Mourilyan in north Queensland. During its development, a suite of contemporary black and white images was taken to complement a selection of historical images from the John Oxley Library. These images reflected the themes of Work, Family, Food, Religion, and Recreation. This collection of images is the first major contribution of Australian South Sea Islander life to the State Library’s collection since the early historical images dating back to 150 years ago.

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Percy and Roy Mooney outside their house in Habana near Mackay, Queensland Image number: 28873-0001-0008


Percy and Roy Mooney outside their house in Habana near Mackay, Queensland, 2000, 28873 Refined White Exhibition 2001 Photographic Materials, Image number 28873-0001-0008, John Oxley Library, State Library of Queensland. 

Australian South Sea Islanders photographed at Bingera Sugar Plantation Image number: APE-021-01-0006


Australian South Sea Islanders photographed at Bingera Sugar Plantation, 6147 Trackson Family Photograph Albums, Image number APE-021-01-0006, John Oxley Library, State Library of Queensland.

Memories from A Forgotten People

Compelling conversations have been captured in emotional and powerful storytelling from the descendants of the first Australian South Sea Islanders at State Library of Queensland. who have come together to tell their stories about what the 150-year heritage anniversary means to them. Beginning in 1863, some 62,000 people were kidnapped or taken from South Sea Islands to work in the sugar and cotton industries in Queensland. By 1908, these same people faced compulsory “repatriation” to the islands under the White Australia Policy and the Pacific Island Labourers Act of 1901. Those remained often suffered harsh treatment and discrimination.

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Plantation Voices

Plantation Voices is State Library’s portal to Australian South Sea Islander culture and history in Queensland. Over time State Library has cultivated resources and collections telling the story of Australian South Sea Islanders and celebrating their contributions to contemporary Queensland.

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Plantation Voices Gallery featuring Dylan Mooney's 2 artworks from the Stop and Stare series.

Plantation Voices Gallery featuring Dylan Mooney's 2 artworks from the Stop and Stare series. 

South Sea Islanders labourers loading cut sugar cane into a wagon Queensland


South Sea Islanders labourers loading cut sugar cane into a wagon, Queensland. Negative number 16964, John Oxley Library, State Library of Queensland. 


Search for articles on Australian South Sea Islander heritage, culture and stories on the John Oxley Libray Blog. 

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A large number of photographs are held at State Library. Some of these are included in large personal collections of individuals, in the form of photograph albums or original photographs.

OH 39 Redland Shire Oral History. Redland (Qld.). Council. Abstract: A collection of 125 interviews regarding the history of the Redland shire. Box 9696. Item 107: Joyce May Krause - Transcript. Ms Joyce Krause's great grandfather, Hermann Holzapfel, was one of the first settlers on Mt Cotton in 1872, along with other German families who gravitated to the area. She speaks about evidence of Chinese settlement on the mountain and has documentation of Kanakas constructing the first church and school

27276 Sepia toned and mounted miscellaneous photographs 1890. Summary/Contents:  Large collection of sepia toned and mounted photographs probable from an album. Images include Cairns-Kuranda railway, sugar industry, Indigenous people in Cairns, Chillagoe Caves, Brisbane suburbs, South Sea Islanders, fig trees at Noosa and Cairns. (One Photograph only). Boxes 15715 O/S and 15716 O/S

6298 Brandon Photograph Album 1864-1884. Henry, Brandon 1845-1899. 1864. Photograph album containing early images of Mackay and sugar plantations in the area. Box 14821 O/S

7697 Albumen paper prints of Bundaberg 1898. Abstract: Fourteen albumen paper prints of the Bundaberg sugar industry. Box 14761 O/S. 4 (?) photos of ASSI

3299 Newton Barton Diary 1894-1895. A shipboard diary kept by able seaman Newton Barton on one of his voyages to the South Sea Islands aboard the brigantine "Rio Loge." The purpose of the voyage was to recruit South Sea Islanders to work on the Queensland canefields. Box 5317

M 996  W. R. Love Papers Abstract: W.R. Love collection. Log books of ships "Heath" and "Clansman", both of which were used for transporting Kanakas. Boxes 5052 and 5137 (item 2)

10020 Conrad M. Kelsall and Alfred M. Stephens Correspondence 1894-1903 Kelsall, Conrad M. and Stephens, Alfred M. Twenty letters with various mentions of….”colonial views of the Boer War, the status of Kanakas and the ‘White Australia’ policy after Federation, involvement in the shooting of a local Malay, et al. The letters also contain wonderful contemporary social commentary.” Box 15354 O/S A2

OM75-117 Joseph Dixon Diary 1875-1928 Abstract: Diary of Joseph Dixon who was a sugar cane grower in the Mooloolah River district. Box 8948. The diary gives a daily account of the events on the sugar plantation, including the building and operation of the sugar mill. The diary covers the period November 1875 - June 1895. In his reminiscences, Joseph Dixon tells of his voyage on the 'Tornado' in 1864 to Australia, and time spent in Sydney. In 1869 he took up land on the Mooloolah River to grow sugar cane, and later at Buderim Mountain. He discusses the Aborigines at Mooloolah River and the Kanakas working the sugar plantation. Box 8948

APE-25 Cowley Photograph Album ca. 1902. Album of photographs relating to the Innisfail (Geraldtown) area. Several photos, including copy prints of ASSI. Box 10740

6940 James Arthur Papers. Letters and documents of James Arthur, a Queenslander who worked as a recruiter of native labourers in the Pacific Islands. Arthur was murdered by disaffected islanders at Malayta in the Solomon Islands in 1900. Box 14302

M 1382 Cutting Books Abstract: Cutting books on miscellaneous topics. Newspaper cuttings book 1846 - 1943 on miscellaneous topics. Topics include Boer War, WWII, Aborigines, weather, kanakas, Freemasonry, Indooroopilly Bridge, Antarctic exploration, plus others. Box 8163

OM91-58 Central Queensland Clippings 1948-1954 Abstract: Three cutting books relating to Central Queensland. Volumes 2 and 3 also include the column by 'Historicus' from the Rockhampton Morning Bulletin dealing with Central Queensland history. Volume 2:  delivery of Kanakas to pastoral stations. Volume 3 1950-1954; similar material to Vol. 2. Boxes 9246 O/S (item 1) and 9247 O/S (item 2)

OM64-02 Thomas Glassey Papers 1903-1909; 1930s. Founding leader of the Australian Labor Party – items include content from the 1901 Parliamentary Papers and a manifesto on the White Australia Policy. Box 8397

2967 Rawson Family Archive.  Large album containing photographs of Rawson family properties in England and Queensland, views of Mackay area, kanakas and aborigines. The Rawson brothers Charles Collison Rawson, Edmund Rawson and Lancelot Rawson established the cattle station "The Hollow" on the Pioneer River at Mackay in 1866. The Rawsons were also involved in the sugar and coal industries. Box 4376

3361 Daphne Kingston Papers 1928- Abstract: Papers of Daphne Kingston. 3361/25: Ten Postcards depicting various subjects in Mackay, North Queensland; Japanese cutting tramway,family groups on bank of Pioneer River, Kanaka groups. 3361/42: Six Photographs of Habanna, North Queensland, 1991. Images include Pinnacle Rock, building said to be old shop built for Kanakas, original convent and Mt Jukes. Boxes 5573 - 5574

10144 Papua and New Guinea, the Solomon Islands and the South Sea Islanders Cutting Book 1906-1944. A cutting book, compiled between 1906 and 1908, with newspaper clippings and photographs about the Solomon Islands, New Guinea and the South Sea Islanders. The clippings and photographs cover topics such as: the island of Samarai; commercial activities of Burns, Philp and Co.; alcohol prohibition; Woodlark Island and the mining industry; coconut tree plantations; German presence in the area; missionaries; the repatriation of the South Sea Islanders. Box 15374 O/S A3

APU-5 Album of views of Brisbane and North Queensland ca. 1895 Mathewson & Co. Abstract: Album of scenes in Brisbane and North Queensland. 1 photo in red album “Cutting sugar cane Fairy Mead”. Box 11438 O/S A3

27024 Photograph of Solomon and Sangow Headstone 1989. McCormack, John S. Abstract: One photograph of a grave at the Fairymead Sugar Plantation, Bundaberg. 1 colour photo. BOX 15537

7893 Scenery of Queensland by E.H.Forster ca. 1870 Abstract: Album of photographs. 1 photo showing men planting in field. Box 14911 O/S A3

APA-8  Views of Bundaberg, Queensland, ca. 1897 Abstract: Album of views of Bundaberg. 2 images in small red album. Box 10955

APO-22 Views of Townsville and Herbert River Photograph Album 1874-1882 Abstract: Album of views of Townsville and the Herbert River area. Images of ASSI some which have been reproduced in the copy prints (group images of boys in white clothing). Box 10924. O/S

APO-41 Views of Mackay ca. 1895 Abstract: Album of views of Mackay and district. 1 image of large group of ASSI. Box 14466 O/S A3

APO-25 Photograph Album of Cairns Views 1890-1896 Abstract: Album of photographs of the Cairns area. About 4 ASSI’s images. Box 11496 O/S A3

7868 Rev William Smith Family Photographs 1890-1942; 1988 1851-1917 Photographs and exercise books. 1 photo in a packet of 7686 (marked in pencil with a 1) two ASSI men. Box 10070. Box 14911 O/S A3

API-6 Queensland Views Photograph Album ca. 1890. Abstract: Album of photographs of Queensland Views. Box 10738 O/S (A3). 6 photos. Box 10738 O/S (A3)

APO-32 Queensland Views Photograph Album 1867-1908 Mobsby, Henry William. Department of Agriculture and Stock. Abstract: Album of photographs of views of Queensland. 3 or 4 photos in large album. Box 10891 O/S A3

6147 Trackson Family Photograph Albums 1879-1939. Abstract: Trackson family albums including images of their home in Brisbane, their motor vehicle which was the first in Brisbane, and their travels interstate and abroad. 1 image in large black album of ASSI’s outside large building at Bingera – also in copy prints. 2 images in small red album. Box 10768

7355 Brisbane and Mackay Photographic Collection 1870 - 1880 Boag & Mills. Abstract: 43 albumen prints and 19 cartes de visite. Quite a few – some of individual men (with names at bottom of image). Box 14290 O/S

APO-8 Album of North Queensland Views: ca. 1890 Abstract: Album of views of the north and north west Queensland. 2 photographs – one a large group and the other 2 men in traditional dress(one with very large earrings) – both in copy prints. Box 10767 O/S (A3)

APU-25 Hambledon Sugar Plantation Photograph Album ca. 1890. Abstract: Album of photographs of the Hambledon Sugar Plantation and Cairns Railway Line. Quite a few images (some in copy prints). Box 11450 O/S

APO-18 Album of Richard Daintree Photographs 1860-1870 Abstract: Album of photographs, predominantly of Queensland, taken by Richard Daintree. Bib no: 396456. Box 10873 O/S (wrapped parcel)

APO-13 Richard Daintree Album ca. 1870. Box 11496 O/S A3

6166 Appel Photograph Albums  1900 - 1916 Stark, William & Skyring, C.F. White's Hill Studio. Abstract: Three albums presented to G J Appel, Minister for Home Affairs 1909-1915. 3 images in large black album. Box 10854

7375 Souvenir Photograph Album of The Northern Tour of the Hon. J. G. Appel 1914. Box 9711 O/S A3

7870 New Guinea Photographs 1930-1935. Abstract: One large grey album of original prints and some loose pages of photographs. Boxes 14633 O/S and 14911 O/S (A3)

API-35 Queensland, 1862-1899, Photograph Album 1862-1899. Box 10955

4834 William Hamilton diaries publication. This collection consists of an unpublished manuscript entitled "The Diaries of William Hamilton 1882-83, to the New Hebrides, the Solomons and New Britain and New Ireland edited by W. Ross Johnston. The collection also consists of artwork for Ross Johnston's "Diaries of Blackbirder" which consists of a series of photographs and maps. Box 10891 O/S A3