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Afternoon tea on the verandah of 'Sedgley Grange', Newmarket, Brisbane, 1900-1910
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Your house and its community

Understanding the context of the community in which the house has lived is the final step in documenting the history of your house and discovering its journey. Broader social information on the development of that suburb or the contribution of that family in that locality may place your house in context. Was the house home to a local doctor? Was it place where the community could vote or collect their mail? Access the books, photographs and archival records of State Library of Queensland to enrich your house history.

Video guide

Part 5: Your house and its community

Set the foundations for house history research success by watching State Library’s series of 5 House Histories video guides. Watch below to find out more about your house and its community.


Your house and its community

Discover how your house fits into its community, town or suburb. Explore various State Library collections including local histories, newspapers, original materials and more.

The social and cultural history of life in the home

Interior of cafe and bar at Winton with 3 men standing to back of photo
  • Search State Library One Search catalogue for books, documents, stories and photographs of the families associated with the home and life of the times
  • Search newspapers and magazines online via Trove

History of the suburb, town or region

State Library resources

  • Local history publications: suburb, town, region and local government area (e.g. Ithaca) via One Search catalogue 
  • Newspaper cuttings of towns, suburbs, cities in Queensland available for order at the John Oxley Library desk on level 4


  • Search Trove for newspapers and gazettes 
  • Search for suburban history  
  • Search for name of suburb or estate (e.g. Graham Estate, Ashgrove)