Internal view of the John Oxely Library.

John Oxley Library

The John Oxley Library contains collections unique to Queensland. It is a space for quiet research and for viewing original materials such as diaries, manuscripts, artworks and maps.

Visitors can access the physical and online collections in this space. Staff will assist with access and State Library members are welcome to request items using the library’s catalogue - One Search. For online collections visit our One Search catalogue.

Queensland’s successful business leaders are honoured in this space with the current inductees displayed in the Hall of Fame.

It forms part of the Heritage suite including the Treasures Wall, Philip Bacon Gallery and Australian Library of Art. 

Lockers are provided on level 4 for visitors to place their belongings as bags, food and drink are not allowed in the Special Collections area. Please refer to the Bags Policy and information on Food and Drink for further details.

There is a quiet space for clients who wish to study. Water bottles and bags are allowed in this area.

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