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Mary Watson Diaries 1881
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Indulge your passion for literature at State Library of Queensland.

We hold an extensive literature collection, with a particular focus on winners of major literary prizes. These include works by Australian and Queensland authors. The collection also has poetry, drama, critical reviews, author biographies and children's literature. State Library members can borrow from this collection.

Literature databases
Access quality literature databases with your free State Library membership. These resources include author biographies, literary history, analysis of literary works, electronic picture books for children, and much more.
Australian books on the shelf
Australian literature
Trace the development of Australian literature from its beginnings to the present. Our 19th century Australian literature collection is significant. We also collect works by contemporary Australian authors.
Poetry books at the Library
Our literature collection includes collected works, anthologies, poetry magazines, indexes and more. We hold collections of Australian poetry from colonial to contemporary times.
Commentary and criticism
Access literary criticism, analysis and reviews of international and Australian authors. You can find commentary about literature of all types, from different countries and time periods.