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What is the Reading Writing Hotline?

By Administrator | 9 May 2017

It’s a free anonymous referral service for adults wishing to improve their literacy, numeracy and computing skills. The Hotline is funded by the federal government and is managed by TAFE NSW. The Reading Writing Hotline has a national database of course providers, including TAFE colleges, private RTO’s, libraries, community colleges, neighbourhood centres, and private tutors.

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Reading Writing Hoeline for adults – it's free!

Reading Writing Hoeline for adults – it's free!

The Hotline is operated by trained teachers who are able to listen to the needs of the caller and refer them to the most appropriate help. The Hotline provides:

  • direct referral for callers with literacy and numeracy needs to training providers,  adult literacy tutors and other relevant  community organisations

  • diagnosis about appropriate support to assist the caller with their needs

  • information to tutors, training providers, employers and government service providers such as Jobactive and SEE providers

Calling the reading writing hotline

Who can call the Hotline?

We receive calls from people wishing to improve their own skills, friends or family members calling on behalf of others, as well as employers, community workers and employment service providers. We also receive calls from people wishing to volunteer as a tutor and from the tutors themselves seeking advice on resources. We can refer people to accredited courses as well as informal or volunteer arrangements.

Can you help the Hotline?

Whilst we have a large database to draw on, services are constantly changing and training is often being provided in new and different situations.  We hope that you can help let us know any literacy, numeracy or computer training services in your library and area which could be included on our database? Just go to to register courses running in your library.

Help us spread the word

We also want to make sure library users and networks in your region are aware of the important service that the Reading Writing Hotline provides. We’d be happy to send flyers, posters and digital images for display in the library and for distribution at meetings and events. Please call us if you would like us to send you any of these.

 Share our Facebook Posts on your Facebook page

Share the Reading Writing Hotline Facebook posts

Share the Reading Writing Hotline Facebook posts

The Hotline has a new website with lots of resources for tutors, students and employers.

About the author:

Vanessa Iles

Vanessa Iles

Vanessa Iles is the manager of Reading Writing Hotline and can be contacted on (02) 9217 4774


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