What is femtech? Is it really a thing?

You’ve probably heard the term fintech. Well, there’s also a thing called femtech. And as the name implies, it’s all about female entrepreneurs using technology to find solutions to female problems, mainly in the area of healthcare.

Femtech emerged as a concept and movement in the past five years and has really gained traction in the past couple of years. One of its pioneers is Danish female entrepreneur Ida Tin, who created the period and ovulation tracker app Clue in 2013 and is widely credited with coining the term femtech.

In a video made for Clue in 2016, Tin talked about what femtech is and how it relates to her startup:

“I think there is a really exciting new thing happening right now, which is that there is a whole new business category on the rise. I call it femtech — the idea that there is a lot of new products and services based on technology, which are addressing needs within female health. What I see is a lot of new things emerging, and I was trying to see what do people call these kinds of products … I suggest femtech.” Read more

Fi Bendal - Smart Company - 23 May 2018


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