Sydney startup SnackProud designs nutritious snack boxes to keep workplaces healthy

We’ve all been there: you’re at your desk and the usual bout of 3.30itis rolls around, right on the dot. You’re desperate for any kind of energy hit so it’s usually out to the cafe for another coffee and/or snack, maybe a brownie or, depending on what’s around and what’s open, a chocolate bar from a convenience store.

For many working desk jobs, particularly at tech companies where most meals and snacks are provided free for, let’s face it, the very purpose of keeping you sitting at your desk for longer, being healthy can be a battle.

Enter Sydney startup SnackProud. Founded by Ashleigh Whittaker 18 months ago, the startup looks to help companies do their part to ensure their employees are snacking healthily by providing snack boxes packed full of snacks that deliver the energy hit without sacrificing on nutrition.

Having launched a gluten free frozen meal company, Gem Meals, in New Zealand in 2012, Whittaker has long been passionate about food. However, it was after selling the business in 2014 and rejoining the corporate and tech world in Sydney in 2015 that she saw the need for something like SnackProud.

“There is a serious sugar culture among Australian tech companies waiting to be changed. I have been into a number of offices where the rolling joke is that the staff join the organisation and gain 10 kilos. This actually becomes very stressful for a millennial workforce who are the most health conscious generation,” she said. Read more

Gina Baldassare - Smart Company -  4 Dec 2017


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