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Pop Culture and Nostalgia

By Administrator | 30 August 2012

The other day I was talking with a friend of mine about the sorry state of the Village Twin Cinema in New Farm, specifically that it's currently a disused, crumbling wreck. This led to me mentioning that my father had taken me to see both Blade Runner and The Empire Strikes Back at the Village Twin, and what fond memories these were for me. It could just be the way I'm wired, or the fact that we live in a culture that's obsessed with gratification, but most of my memories seem to revolve around pop culture in some way.
I remember my sister taking me to our local drive-in to see Mad Max 2 when I was in the fourth grade, and having to hang my head out the car window to watch the movie, as we were caught in the midst of a torrential summer rainstorm. The thrilling, jolting combination of those stark, bizarre desert landscapes and the fat, bursting raindrops soaking my head and torso is something I can still recapture if I just take the time to go back there.
Much like the seaside family holiday in Foster where I plundered the local book excange for a gigantic pile of Tomb Of Dracula comics, to then be voraciously consumed amidst leisurely trips to the local saltwater pool.
Pop Culture- it shaped just about every facet of my life. Basic tenants of morality, sacrifice, wonder and spirituality, laid out in the same blunt, engaging, universal fashion as myths passed from mouth to ear in every culture since we've been able to see beyond ourselves, and place ourselves in a bigger, more enduring frame.
This stuff can be inelegant and frequently silly, but it's served me well so far.


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