Margaret Thorp

Born on 12 June 1892, Margaret Sturge Thorp was a quaker, feminist and pacifist who campaigned against war during WW1 at great cost to herself. She was harassed by the police and government officials and assaulted and abused at rallies by soldiers and others, including one notable incident at the Brisbane School of Arts in Ann Street in July 1917.

Mark Cryle

Mark is a musician and historian currently undertaking research into the origins of ANZAC Day. He is a Ph.D student at the University of Queensland where he was formerly the Fryer Librarian.



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Margaret thorp was my great aunt and I stayed with her when I first came to Australia. Her brother, joe thorp was a medical officer in both world wars. I have a book written about his experiences.

Hello, could you please tell me where in Australia, Margaret Thorpe was born? was she a Queenslander? Also could you please tell me, in the recent tele-series, Australian actress Virginia Gay played Margaret in the series, do you know the name of the tele-series? as I can not find an answer to both questions on google?? Thank You

Dear Carolyn Watson, You will be interested to hear the Women's International League of Peace and Freedom in Queensland is to acknowledge the importance of Margaret Thorp's leadership of the anti-war movement during World War One with a posthumous peace award in October, 2017. They would be keen to hear from you.

She was my great aunt and when I came to australia I visited her and she treated me to a musical soirée. I also visited Joe Thorp her brother who was an MO in both world wars

She was born in Everton Liverpool England

She would be a suitable subject for a panel for the Australian Quaker Narrative Embroidery.

She would be a suitable subject for a panel for the Australian Quaker Narrative Embroidery.

You can text me at 0497867886 for any info on Margaret or Joe Thorp.

I am looking for a picture of Margaret Thorp for use in an exhibition. the image here and any others I've found have no accreditation. can anyone offer me a high resolution image ? I can give you further information about the exhibiton context and location as required. many Thanksmaria 0419 711 871