Incredible Cat Palaces made on the CNC router at The Edge

The CNC at the Fabrication lab is in use once again as participants of a recent workshop built palaces for their beloved feline friends! 

The participants did some design thinking and paper prototyping, then jumped into TinkerCAD to model their cat trees in 3D. 

Vector files were exported from TinkerCAD and then converted into files that our CNC router could use in software called VCarve. After they cut their pieces and did a bit of online learning they were fully inducted into our CNC machine, meaning they could book it in future to make their own projects.

Participants completed a hand-tools induction and then it was on to assembling their trees! Carpeting platforms, wrapping rope around PVC-spires. It was busy work! 

At the end the trees looked amazing! And some participants are already looking to book in and make their trees even bigger! What spoiled cats! 😻

Congrats to all the participants for completing the General and CNC inductions as part of this workshop series, and for creating SUCH amazing trees! They were all extremely individual, reflecting their cat's tastes, and I know they will just love them for years to come! 

As with all our workshops, we create templates and session plans that other spaces can leverage in their own workshops, contact us ( if you'd like to run something similar in your space and we can help you out! 

If you would like to find our more about the CNC machine, or any of our equipment at the Fabrication Lab, check out our wiki

And if you want to book in to use our CNC or hand-tools yourself, check out our SLQ page

And if you would like to join in on upcoming workshops and inductions, keep an eye on The Edge newsletter.


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