How UberEats is changing the way we eat and how restaurants run

Try to find a Flip City burger store and you'll struggle.

The popular UberEats delivery option only exists on the app.

It's the creation of Dani Zeini, the owner of burger stores Royal Stacks, Dandenong Pavilion, Grand Trailer Park Taverna and Truck Stop Deluxe which turn over $5 million a year between them.

Zeini's tailored what's on offer specifically to UberEats customers.

Flip City's buns are cooked in a special oven and a new type of bread is being used for maximum heat retention so burgers are delivered as fresh, tasty and hot as possible.

The burgers are bigger than usual and the fries are fatter.

"We are definitely looking at what travels well," Zeini explains. "We love french fries, that is the ultimate for a burger, but we are looking at a thicker fry that will retain heat."

Crucially, Zeini is able to build UberEats' cut of 25 to 30 per cent into Flip City's operating costs. Read more

Cara Waters - Brisbane Times - 3 July 2017


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