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High Fashion, Big Screen

By Administrator | 26 July 2013

August is Fashion Month at SLiQFlicks, and what a month it's going to be!

As someone who might be classified as "fashion challenged", I must say that the idea of programming a month of films around this theme was initially a little daunting.
There's a couple of movies that initially spring to mind, but really "The Devil Wears Prada" was never going to be on the list. It's a fine flick, but we like to keep things a little unpredictable. So I got to thinking about films that were not so much about fashion, but in which style was a crucial element.

Anyone familiar with the notorious Vincent Gallo knows that he's an iconic tastemaker, and his directorial debut Buffalo 66 marked him as a moviemaker with a keen awareness of the surface of things. His follow-up feature, The Brown Bunny, is an even more introspective, stylised experience, and one that we hope to bring to you in the future. Grey Gardens is equally tragic and sweet in it's real-life documentation of the ruinous, collapsed life of Edith and "Little" Edie Bouvier as they ramble about the decaying remains of their once palatial homestead, accompanied by their army of mangy cats and the ghosts of more glamourous days.
And well, there's Zoolander. Of course.
As usual, there are voting options for the month, and I recommend having a look at the August choices, as there's a highly entertaining range of features to pick from. /whats-on/events/sliqflicks
We always look forward to seeing you at the shows, and I personally can't think of a better way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon.


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