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Guest Blog: 6 ways Kindergo is a parent's lifesaver

By Administrator | 16 September 2017

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Kindergo. Image taken by SLQ staff member

Kindergo. Image taken by SLQ staff member

Kindergo is a beautifully curated children’s story app with books for children aged 2-7, free to download from the App Store. With school holidays upon us, here are 6 ways Kindergo is a parent’s lifesaver...

1. Guilt-free screen time
No more will the delight of storytelling time be accompanied by a minute-long, unskippable YouTube ad emitting from their iPad. Kids are better connected than ever, and too much screen time, especially on the internet, can be a genuine concern.

Powering up Kindergo will help give your children time on their beloved device that is fun, educational, deeply rewarding, and entertaining, and won’t spend hours drilling cold, corporate messages into their innocent minds.

2. Read your child’s favourite book 100 times in a row. (Without sending you bananas)
It’s 3:30 in the afternoon and all your bundle of joy wants to do is read their favourite book for the sixth time today, and if you have to count the red kangaroos one more time you are going to….
Kindergo will allow your child to discover their new favourite book and read it again and again without you having to count anything again and again. The repetition of words and seeing them light up as they are said is actually helping your child learn to read with word repetition and recognition, while you can just enjoy a cup of tea! Winning!

3. No need to worry about what your child is reading (We’re not giving them Game of Thrones!)
It’s hard to keep track of what content your kids are being exposed to, especially on digital platforms. Kindergo specially curates all of its content for specific reading levels, so there are no concerns about the quality or appropriateness of the content provided.

4. Gives kids somewhere to channel their imagination (That doesn’t require extensive cleaning up)
There’s nothing more beautiful than watching your own children create something from their own imaginations. Seeing their smiles as they build entire worlds from DIY materials is heart-warming.
You know what’s not heart-warming though? The hours of cleaning required afterwards when the kids get bored and move on to something else. (Why is my house always covered in glitter?)
Kindergo will give the kids content that will nurture their imagination and natural curiosity, without making you break a sweat.

5. Wave bye-bye to car sickness
It’s nice for kids to read quietly in the car, especially on long journeys, but no-one likes the vomit that can come with it. Simply press the play button on Kindergo, and the app will read your child’s favourite books aloud to them, turning your car from a vomit comet into a peaceful haven of storytelling magic.

6. A Fun Day Out!
Kid’s love getting out and about and you love seeing them have fun, but after you have visited every park within 50 kms of your house 10 times and your floor is constantly covered in sand and woodchips, you might be looking for an alternative.

Kindergo will join the State Library of Queensland for the amazing Fun Palace, a day where everyone is a scientist and everyone is an artist. Turn your tykes into explorers as they discover activities on Kindergo Islands that have been bought to life, and best of all, it’s all FREE! What more could a parent ask for?

Kindergo is available to download from the App Store.

Visit for more information.

Kindergo will be at Fun Palace which will be held at the State Library of Queensland on October 7th.

Visit /whats-on/calevents/general/festivals/fun-palace2/fun-palace

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Amy Parry



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