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Getting to know mob...Michael Connolly

By Administrator | 11 December 2012

Full name:    Michael James Connolly (Munda-gutta Kulliwari)

Born:  Charleville SW Qld

Family / Mob:  Kullilli (father) – Muruwari (mother)

Where did you grown up:

Charleville SW QLD – have lived in Redcliffe since 1989 with wife and 2 children who were born in Redcliffe


2 brothers – Kerry (older) & Malcolm (younger)

What do you do?

Aboriginal Artist/Craftsman/Cultural Educator & Motivator – Business Owner  - Storyteller  What's good about it?   We are totally independent – our won bosses – we determine our destination

Who is/are your role model/s and why? 

My People who are not afraid to get up and have a go – they are my inspiration – wanting to make a difference

What is your favourite movie and why? 

Any Westerns – product from being born and growing up in the outback – Docos about Ancient Civilizations

What is your favourite style of music and why? 

Growing up in outback Qld, Country Music was the go also enjoy Jazz & Classic Rock

Possible interesting facts

I just had DNA test and my Aboriginality lineage is proven to go back over 50,000 years and is unique to Australia on both sides of family (mother and father) so I am the ORIGINAL ABORIGINAL -

What do I enjoy? 

Spending quality time with my family and also painting – I am in my own private space when I paint – it takes me on a journey

Tell us a little about your business? 

Together with my wife, we own and operate an Aboriginal Art & Craft & Bush Tucker product Retail outlet – THE ONE STOP CULTURAL SHOP & GALLERY in Redcliffe which has a growing online customer base providing quality authentic aboriginal & TSI products

What drives you?

.... my Commodore … nah… believing WE can make a difference – my saying – vision to see …. faith to believe… courage to do...This is on my business card!

What’s the deadliest product you have? 

My family (wife & 2 children) and my culture

What would you like to be doing in 5 years? 

Travelling the world meeting other Indigenous Peoples and experiencing their culture and to share mine

What do you hope for the future of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people? 

Firstly to be formally recognised as The First Peoples in the Constitution (not remain as a preamble).  Secondly, for Aboriginal People to stand up and take charge of the own destination – “being aboriginal is a reason to succeed … not a reason not to”

for more information visit Dreamtime Kullilla-Art






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