The Franchisee Handbook : Everything You Need to Know About Buying a Franchise (ebook)

Authors: Mark Siebert and Robert Cresanti

Why start a business from scratch when you can have a piece of the greatest expansion strategy ever conceived? Franchising is BIG and getting bigger in every sector—from restaurants and coffee chains to pet care and insurance. There is a franchise for everything and everyone. As a potential franchise owner, you can be in charge of your own success while being supported by a known brand. Franchising gives you that ability, along with the satisfaction that comes only with building something that can last a lifetime and beyond. And, if you are successful, you eventually stop sweating the details and have the freedom to enjoy your life in a way that most around you cannot. In this book, franchise expert Mark Siebert walks you through the process of vetting and buying a franchise, helps you ask the right questions of franchisors and yourself, and gives you the resources you need to decide if franchising is right for you.

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