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Five unusual things left in lost property

By Administrator | 8 July 2015

Have you ever left anything in the library and contacted the helpful Welcome Desk staff to retrieve it? As well as hundreds of USBs, hats, water bottles and umbrellas that are handed to State Library staff every year, there are many unexpected items that find their way to lost property at the Welcome Desk. These are some of our most unusual finds.

1. A wheelchair and a pair of crutches. While we like to think that we perform miracles here at State Library, these items belonged to Queensland Art Gallery next door, and had been returned to the library in error.

2. Diamond engagement rings. Was someone re-thinking their relationship and leaving these behind on purpose? Or merely temporarily removing uncomfortable jewellery? Yes, we have had more than one engagement ring left behind. And yes, they were claimed.

3. Chicken fillets. No, not the chicken fillets ready for tonight’s dinner, but the “chicken fillets” used to increase the bust size without surgery. Again, did these prove too uncomfortable to wear all day? And this was one item that wasn’t claimed.

4. A wrapped present. Was this a forgetful guest attending one of many functions that are held across the Cultural Centre precinct? Fortunately for the recipient, this gift was collected.

5. A GoMA Cafe buzzer. This is just confusing. Did someone order food and decide that they didn’t want it? Did a toddler pick up the buzzer from another table? And why bring it to State Library’s lost property and not just return it to the GoMA cafe? While I was pondering this, the item was returned to the cafe by my colleague.

Lost property, all labelled and bagged, ready for collection

Lost property, all labelled and bagged, ready for collection

Now nothing surprises me when it comes to things that people leave behind! Luckily our staff are unflappable in their ability to locate missing items for people and to match up lost items to their rightful owners.

So, if you have lost an item, or have found something, during a visit to State Library, make sure you visit the Welcome Desk or phone them on 3840 7666 from 10 am to 5 pm, seven days a week.


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