"Doing your own research" - Media Literacy Week 2021

In a world where we are bombarded with vast amounts of information through all types of media, where 'fake news' is all around, and informed decision making can be really challenging, media literacy is essential.

Media Literacy is the ability to critically engage with media in all aspects of life, so that a person

  • Reflects on their own and others’ engagement with media;
  • Is curious about and enquires into how media are made;
  • Understands techniques used to create and communicate with media; and
  • Understands the different ways media influence and impact society.

Media Literacy complements Digital Literacy, Information Literacy and Online Safety knowledge and skills – and all four are required for successful and safe participation in a digital world. 

It's Media Literacy Week, which has been held in Australia since 2018 and coincides with UNESCO’s Global Media and Information Literacy Week.

This week, the Australian Media Literacy Alliance has released a report that calls for a united and collaborative approach to the development of a national Media Literacy strategy for all Australians in response to the barrage of misinformation impacting society.

Globally, in an era where there is misinformation on digital platforms, rising distrust of mainstream media and lack of faith in governments and their agencies which are all fueled by rapid changes in the media and communications technologies, the report reveals that Australia cannot afford the costs of media illiteracy, socially or economically.

Annabel Astbury, Chair of the Australian Media Literacy Alliance

Towards a National Strategy for Media Literacy makes eight key recommendations for the development of a strategy, which centre around government, community, and technology sector collaboration to ensure every Australian, at every stage of life, is empowered as a citizen to confidently engage with and create media. 

What can you do to improve your media literacy?

Check the facts you find online for reliability at AAP Factcheck

Learn more about media literacy from the Australian Media Literacy Alliance Media Literacy report

Listen to the SquizKids news podcast for 8 - 12 year olds (and their families)

Take an online course on LinkedIn (available to all State Library members)

State Library of Queensland is a member of the Australian Media Literacy Alliance through NSLA, the peak body for the national, state and territory libraries of Australia and New Zealand. 


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Media literacy has never been more important.