Digital Futures Lab 2.0

Digital Futures Lab Timeline, Photo by Josef Ruckli

Digital Futures Lab Timeline, Photo by Josef Ruckli

Did you know that futurists now predict that by 2050 the world could be completely reliant on renewable energy? Or that by 2030 it will not be uncommon for organs to be 3D printed for transplants? While these predictions might seem far-fetched or possible only in the most distant future, it is interesting to reflect on how far technology has come in even the last 15 years. In this time the digital landscape has experienced extraordinary change, and so too will SLQ’s Digital Futures Lab. Change is a-foot in the SLQ Gallery as the Digital Futures Lab undergoes a refresh, with many exciting changes ahead. The soon to be revealed ‘Digital Futures Lab 2.0’ will delve even further into what lies ahead of us, from drones to cyber security, Augmented Reality, fashion of the future and more.

The timeline will be a focus of the Lab refresh, receiving much more than just a new look. Over the past few months visitors to the Digital Futures lab have used the timeline to share their ideas for what our digital future might hold, from hopeful predictions for even more advanced technology to wishes for a more peaceful world. We want to give you more opportunity to share with us your vision for the future, and so as the Digital Futures Lab is refreshed and energised the timeline will continue to explore predictions for the future with the inclusion of an Augmented Reality (AR) Experience.

Augmented Reality is rapidly advancing technology merging the cyberworld and the real world. AR essentially creates a computer generated layer to existing reality, allowing users to interact with content in a more meaningful way. Early last year AR hit the public in a big way with the release of the AR game Pokémon GO. From Snapchat filters to marketing, architecture and even education, AR is increasingly becoming part of our everyday lives. The technology is developing at such a rapid pace that futurists believe that by 2025 AR will have significantly contributed to the demise of smartphones.

Digital Futures Lab Timeline, Photo by Josef Ruckli

Digital Futures Lab Timeline, Photo by Josef Ruckli

So how will AR play a role in the new Timeline? Visitors to the Gallery will now be able to learn more about the future milestones by simply viewing the timeline through an iPad, and create their own supporting content for their own additions to the wall. By incorporating AR, the timeline can become more than just a one dimensional conversation.

Want to learn more about Digital Futures Lab 2.0? Visit the SLQ Gallery on Level 2 after 24 June and share with us your hopes for our digital future.

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Krystin Egan

Project Officer, Signature Program


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