Badu IKC

In 2002, the first Indigenous Knowledge Centres (IKCs) were developed in partnership with then Aboriginal Community and Island Councils across Queensland. Seven IKCs were opened in 2002 with many more to follow over the years.

This year thirteen Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Shire and Regional Councils will celebrate the role their IKC/s play in their communities, as libraries, meeting places, hubs and keeping places.

Badu Island (Mulgrave Island) forms part of the Maluligal nation of the western group, 60 kms north of Thursday Island in the Torres Strait. It is the largest inhabited outer Island in the Torres Strait and has approximately 1000 residents. Pearlers established bases on the island during the 1870’s and by the 1880’s, the locals were working as lugger crew members when the first missionaries arrived.

Badu Island

The Badu Island Indigenous Knowledge Centre (IKC) is located in the Rural Transaction Centre (RTC). The IKC was the first business to be fitted out in the RTC.  The RTC consists of a Café which is currently under renovation, Centrelink, Post Office, Border Force, Northern Peninsula Area Family and Community Services (NPAWS), Mums & Bubs Group and the Badu Island Foundation Office (BIF). The IKC was established by then-Badu Island Council and is now operated by Torres Strait Island Regional Council (TSIRC) in partnership with State Library for community use.

Since the IKC opened on 30 September 2005, the following community members have been employed as Coordinators:

  • Denna Nona
  • Jane Ahmat
  • Louisa Ahmat
  • Jenny Nona
  • Dilly Matasia
  • Nancy Nona
  • Nalia Nona

A fixed-term dedicated IKC position was created by TSIRC in October 2019.  

Naila Nona, Previous IKC Coordinator, Badu

In 2005, a tour of the IKC with staff Jane and Louisa Ahmat was filmed, A Tour of Badu IKC: 2005,

Inside the Badu IKC, 2019

Badu IKC hosted a workshop in November 2019 for new TSIRC IKC Coordinators from across TSRIC. The training included support and development, including First 5 Forever literacy program development. This was the first regional IKC workshop delivered by a partner council. 

The workshop was deemed a success by all participants and concluded with the IKC Coordinators delivering First 5 Forever Storytime sessions to Badu families.


Badu Art Centre

The Badu Art Centre or Badhulgaw Kuthinaw Mudh is where local artists from Badu Island create and sell their works.

The purpose of the Centre is to renew, strengthen and promote Badu Island visual and spoken language while providing community driven economic opportunities, skills development and training. It is also a keeping place for significant cultural artefacts.

Badu Island Arts Centre has gained national and international recognition due to its talented artists such as Alick Tipoti and Laurie Nona.


Exploring the collection

If you’d like to explore some of State Library’s collection items relating to Badu Island, we have a few suggestions in the links below:

Torres Family photographs


The Badu IKC is one of ten IKCs operated by the Torres Strait Island Regional Council (TSIRC) in partnership with the State Library of Queensland. The other IKCs are located at Boigu, Dauan, Erub, Hammond Island, Iama, Kubin Village, Mabuiag, Poruma and Warraber.


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