COVID-19 staff updates

Coronavirus updates and essential information for State Library staff

7 October

Our transition back to the workplace has begun. Some teams will continue using the Agile teams approach to manage staff onsite, and other arrangements may be necessary in other teams. Check out the frequently asked questions for more information.

State Library spaces and services are gradually reopening, with a continued emphasis on the health and safety of staff and visitors. Our approach to reopening is guided by our Recovery Working Group based on the government’s roadmap to easing Queensland’s restrictions. More information on this can be found on our public alert page. State Library’s COVID-Safe Site Plan has been approved by Queensland Health and follows consultation with the Together Union.

The John Oxley Library, level 3, slq Gallery and Philip Bacon Heritage Gallery have reopened. To ensure the safety of our staff and clients, visitor numbers are restricted, and extra hygiene and distancing measures are in place. Bookings are required to access these spaces. Planning and work is continuing to safely reopen our other spaces in the coming weeks. Check the public alerts page for information about opening hours and conditions of entry.

The Library Cafe Pop Up is open now with a delicious range of coffee, tea, drinks, sandwiches and snacks available to take away. Best of all? Your 10% staff discount! Head down to visit the team from 7.30am to 3pm during the week and from 10am to 3pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

Staff Briefings

Important updates are delivered in the monthly staff briefing. The next one (November) is due to hit staff inboxes on Wednesday 4 November. View the latest one (October) featuring updates from Vicki McDonald and the following staff:

  • Daniel Flood gives us a sneak peek at some high-tech web streaming equipment
  • Megan McGrath introduces the soon-to-be-launched First 5 Forever Stories for Little Queenslanders series
  • Raynee Dewar from the Health and Wellbeing team shares tips on achieving inner calm 

Transitioning back to the workplace

With restrictions easing in Queensland, work has started for our staggered return to the office. The Queensland Chief Health Officer advised that from 3 July 2020 office-based workers can return to their place of work. Our transition back into the workplace requires careful planning, prioritising the health and wellbeing of all staff and ensuring that we remain productive and able to deliver outcomes for Queenslanders.

As we progress through the transition back to the office, we may need to adjust our approach to cater to the needs of different teams or in order to deliver library services for the public. Within your teams you will need to discuss staggered start and finish times, as well as staggered meal breaks. The return to workplace arrangements will be made in consultation with staff.

In preparation for your return to the workplace, please talk to your People Leader. This includes:

All staff must complete a COVID-19 return to the workplace agreement. If you have already been working onsite, please submit it to your People Leader as soon as possible. All other staff must submit it to their People Leader before returning to the office. 

If you are coming onsite, it is crucial that you observe the public health rules to ensure everybody’s health and safety: 

  • social distancing (1.5m away from others at all times)
  • regularly washing your hands (or using hand sanitiser)
  • sneeze or cough into your elbow or a tissue (then throw the tissue away).

As always, if you are feeling sick, stay home. If you have any COVID-19 symptoms, seek medical advice. For specific health and safety advice, please email People, Projects and Learning.

Frequently Asked Questions

See Frequently Asked Questions

COVID-Safe Site Plan

We have worked with Queensland Health to develop State Library’s COVID-Safe Site Plan. The plan details how we are managing safe practices onsite in the current COVID-19 environment. Both Addendum 1 and Addendum 2 provide further details, including how we will safely reopen our spaces. The COVID-Safe Event Plan outlines key considerations and requirements for public-facing events, and the COVID-Safe Programming Plan details our programming principles going forward.

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COVID-19 supplies and sanitising

Refer to page 46 onwards in the COVID-Safe Site Plan for details about the sanitising procedures for front and back of house areas.

To order sanitising products, please complete a stationery request form on SLiQnet to be forwarded to the Finance mailbox. For all requests other than business as usual orders, please add a note in the order to explain how the products will be used for COVID-19 cleaning.

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Working from home

Remote work plan

The Remote Work Plan (template below) was developed to help you review and agree on changing priorities, and support how you allocate your work time. It will also help you stay connected with your People Leader while working from home. A little time planning will go a long way to helping you guide your work from home. Watch this video to learn more.

Managing remote teams 

People Leaders: The Public Service Commission has developed some handy tips on how to manage remote teams.

Using RDWeb

RDWeb is not designed to be used for every work task. Only login for tasks that cannot be performed from a regular browser.


  • Intranet (SLiQnet)
  • Aurion
  • Onsite only e-resources
  • Remote Desktop
  • O:drive, H:drive and other shared folders

Your own browser

  • Zoom
  • Facebook
  • Reddit
  • Anything normally available outside State Library

Risk assessment

A risk assessment is required for all multiple-staff and front-facing activities before work commences and staff return to site. Risk assessments must be completed a minimum of 3 days before you plan to come on site. This allows time for the diligent review of your risk assessment. The template (updated 8 September) is available for download below.

HR and Wellbeing

Join the new Health and Wellbeing Team

We’re looking for enthusiastic, proactive and positive people to join our newly-formed Health and Wellbeing Team. If you have an interest in health and wellbeing and a passion for helping people, then we need to you to help develop and deliver initiatives to support all staff through the transition back to the workplace and over the next six months.

Work will be allocated to everyone in the Health and Wellbeing Team, so if you’d like to join please discuss with your People Leader before volunteering.

Please email (and copy in your People Leader) to express your interest.

Sick leave

If you are unwell contact your People Leader as per your normal absence reporting procedures. If you are experiencing COVID-19 related symptoms, please contact State Library’s Influenza Coordinator. We will ensure that you are supported and will coordinate with your People Leader on leave arrangements.

Workforce Mobilisation Program

The Public Service Commission (PSC) advise if public servants chose not to participate in redeployment they may take:

  • recreation leave or long service leave (if eligible), or 
  •  carer’s leave if they qualify under:
    • employment arrangements in the Event of a Health Pandemic Directive (i.e. caring for family/household member who is ill or suspected of being ill with the virus), or
    • the relevant Award for carer’s leave. This is the usual arrangement where an employee needs to care for, or support, a member of their immediate family or household who is ill or when an emergency arises

Immediate family include an employee’s: spouse, child (ex-nuptial child, stepchild, adopted child, foster child, ex-foster child), parent, grandparent, grandchild, sibling or spouse’s sibling.

If carer’s leave exceeds two consecutive days, a doctor’s certificate or statutory declaration (indicating the person is ill and requires the care or support of another person) will be required.


Working from home can be challenging, especially during periods of uncertainty. If you are having trouble and would like support, please contact Benestar for assistance.

Download the toolkit documents below for helpful information on working remotely and read these tips from Kate Davis (senior Research Fellow, University of Southern Queensland).

Stress and anxiety: 

Minimising risk

Social distancing
Avoid handshakes and other close contact, standing 1.5m apart from others where possible.

All staff should talk to their people leader about any health concerns, or if they are being tested for COVID-19.

Business travel

All State Library travel will be deferred until 30 June.


Security restrictions around the Converga program have changed. All users will be able to log into the program from a browser. Login here using your email address and password. 

All invoices should be processed by coders and approvers within 5 days of being assigned in the Converga (where possible). 

The COVID-19 pandemic has significant impacts on how we manage finance. A finance fact sheet outlining new processes and things to watch out for is now available.

A cost centre for all COVID-related expenses has now been established. Please continue to forward COVID-related expense claims to​​​​​​​, Assistant Finance Officer.

Building access

For ad hoc access to State Library, all staff must adhere to Agile team arrangements, get prior approval from their Executive Director and notify Facilities, providing at least 24 hours notice. For multiple-staff activities, a risk assessment must be completed at least three days before you plan to come on site.

Onsite staff, visitors and contractors will need to sign into the State Library building through Sine Pro, the digital check-in system at Reception. This is an extra security measure during the shutdown period. The system also instantly notifies onsite staff (via sms or email) if there is a security or building issue. 

Using Sine Pro

From the iPads onsite:

Select ‘check in’ on the iPad screen. You will need to create a profile using your email and/or mobile number the first time you check in. Sign in to your profile each time after that.

Remember to select ‘check out’ when you leave State Library.

From your mobile phone:

To minimise touching shared surfaces, we encourage you to download the Sine Pro app to your phone (available on Google Play and the App Store) to check in and out of the State Library building.

Once you have created your profile, open the app when you’re onsite and select the location you need to sign into (‘State Library of Queensland’ or ‘Infozone’). If you do not see the location you need, you can manually check in by scanning the QR code on the iPad screen. The app will automatically check you out once you move beyond 250m from the building, and require you to sign back in upon your return.

Check the Sine Pro how-to guide for detailed instructions and refer to the Sine Pro FAQs if you have questions. Contact if you have any concerns or technical difficulties.


Facilities have completed the KeyTraka roll-out. KeyTraka is an electronic key management system that secure, manages and audits the use of all keys at State Library. All current staff have been assigned their required permissions in KeyTraka systems on levels 1 and 5. Any additions or updates to the systems can be requested through an online form.

Check the KeyTraka how-to guide for detailed instructions and refer to the KeyTraka FAQs if you have questions.

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