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A store and the shopkeeping staff photographed in the town of Dalby for the Queensland Small Towns project
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Spirit of community

Life at home with the Helsham family outside Moranbah 2014

Queensland Small Towns Documentary Project: Dalby and Moranbah, 2013

Through documentary photography and multimedia, this unique project focused on the diverse characters and aspects of life impacting the people living in the mining towns of Dalby and Moranbah. Exploring the interplay between community, commerce and resources the project was run by the Queensland College of Art, Griffith University, University of Queensland School of Journalism and Communication, and Queensland University of Technology. A similar project was conducted in Chinchilla in 2017.

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Savige's Seafoods, Bongaree, Bribie Island

Queensland Nocturne photographs

The images photographed by interdisciplinary artists Victoria Cooper and Doug Spowart capture buildings and structures during the time of the day when the afterglow of sunset and the glow of streetlights transforms our everyday experience of place.  In these photographs, the everyday street scenes and buildings we are used to seeing during the day take on a dramatic appearance in the changed light. Artists Victoria Cooper and Doug Spowart travelled to different parts of the state, including Aratula, Childers, Bribie Island and Miles.

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Ahmed Yusef seated at a table outside the Umdorman Cafe & Restaurant in Moorooka, Queensland, 2013. Image number

Dean Saffron Moorooka Portraits, 2013

This collection of mainly colour images taken along Beaudesert Road features Queensland migrant residents living in Moorooka, an inner-city suburb of Brisbane.  Having arrived in Queensland from different parts of Africa including Ethiopia, Eritrea, the Congo, and Zimbabwe, photojournalist Dean Saffron photographed mainly portraits of members of the community.

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Gathering for the anti-war protest, Botanic Gardens, Brisbane 2003

Brisbane's Voice for Peace Photograph Album

This small collection of 15 colour photographs taken in Brisbane on 16 February, 2003 shows the extent of public sentiment at the anti-Iraq war demonstration that was staged as a peaceful rally. The mass protest marched through the streets of the city ending at the Botanic Gardens. The images were taken by State Library of Queensland’s Senior photographer Reina Irmer.

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Children meet the Royal Flying Doctor plane to greet Santa Claus as part of Christmas celebrations in Birdsville, ca. 1960

Birdsville, North Queensland and Torres Strait Islands Colour Transparencies ca. 1960

Dr Peter Godbolt created 164 colour transparencies in this collection featuring images on board the ship 'Melbedir' in the Torres Strait, people of Darnley and Saibai islands, Dr Tim O'Leary and the Royal Flying Doctor Service out of Charleville, and other locations in north Queensland including Cairns, Port Douglas, Cooktown, Atherton Tablelands and Chillagoe. Also included are 1960s images of Birdsville.

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Dr Barbara Piscitelli AM Children's Art Archive, 1986-2016  

A collection of drawings and paintings (works on paper) created by children aged between 1 and 12 years from 1986 to 2016, the Dr Barbara Piscitelli AM Children's Art Archive consists of more than 2000 works by children from Queensland, Vietnam and China.   
Many drawings and paintings are created by Queensland children including works created by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children. The works depict the social world, and children's understanding of human rights and the future. View works digitised for the exhibition Big Voices: Children’s Art Matters on State Library of Queensland's catalogue, One Search. [Acc 7116]  

In this digital story Dr Piscatelli AM talks about her work and vision for the Children’s Art Archive.   

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Landscape, an artwork by Tyreece Allum, aged 10 of Hopevale, North Queensland.