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Bushwalkers take a break at Lamington National Park, ca 1935
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Holloways Beach, via Cairns, North Queensland 1966

Roy R. Ross colour slides 1960-1970

This collection of over 300 coloured slides showcases different Queensland locations, iconic buildings, landmarks and places of interest photographed over a decade during the 1960s. A small selection is digitised. Access them on the catalogue One Search. You may recognise popular Queensland destinations. 

Part of the front cover, showing the logo of the Brisbane Bushwalkers Club, October 1981 edition

The Brisbane Bushwalker 

Since 1952 Brisbane’s biggest walking club has produced a monthly newsletter. In 2017 the club agreed to have the print editions legally deposited to the John Oxley Library digitised through State Library of Queensland’s Community Heritage Digitisation Offer. Researchers can access the digitised copies (1952 – 2017) online. 

Colour plate V, illustrated in The Great Barrier Reef of Australia: its products and potentialities, 1893

The Great Barrier Reef of Australia: its products and potentialities / by W. Saville-Kent (1845-1908) London: W.H. Allen; 1893

In the notes Saville-Kent describes the content as 'Containing an account, with copious coloured and photographic illustrations (the latter here produced for the first time), of the corals and coral reefs, pearl and pearl-shell, beche-de-mer, other fishing industries, and the marine fauna of the Australian Great Barrier region'. A copy of the complete work is digitised and available on the catalogue One Search.

Film footage taken in 1948 of the Brown family holidaying on the Great Barrier Reef

Sylvia Brown Films, 1948

Among the Brown family film collection is a home movie showing footage of a trip to the Great Barrier Reef and Palm Island in 1948. 

The film shows extensive scenes of reef life including underwater footage.

The last 5 mins includes footage of Palm Island - the community, beach scenes, children, climbing palm trees and picking coconuts, basket making, weaving and dance.

Murphys Creek rural fire brigade shed which was damaged extensively by the flood

Amanda Gearing Queensland Flood Collection, 2011

This collection of 86 oral history recordings, photographs, hand drawn maps, videos and speech notes relate to the major flood event that occurred in Toowoomba and the Lockyer Valley on 10 January 2011. Described an 'inland tsunami' by all who experienced it, the flood was responsible for the loss of twenty-one human lives. The collection speaks to the individual stories of resilience, rebuilding of lives, lessons learnt and recommendations to avoid a future disaster.

Minna Suchter surrounded by debris, cradles a doll rescued from a Tully home after Cyclone Yasi

Queensland Floods and Cyclone Yasi footage, 2011

Following the devastation and horrendous floods in the south-east of Queensland and cyclone Yasi in the Tully and Cardwell districts of North Queensland in January 2011, the Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Queensland Government were granted permission to produce two short videos using news footage created by Seven Network Australia and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.