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Drover Leah Garret in Ilfracombe, Queensland, 2013
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Industrious Queensland

Don Rayment bronco branding cattle in the Hazel Yards at Adria Downs Station, Queensland, 2013

Darren Clark Photographs, 2013

This contemporary collection of 50 images is drawn from a larger body of work captured by documentary photographer Darren Clark. Each photo identifies aspects of the cattle industry, working in remote Queensland and the physical nature involved in walking a mob of 3000 cattle following the droving routes in the channel country of South-West Queensland. 

Accommodation at the MAC coal mining camp in Coppabella, Queensland, 2013

Central Queensland Project photographs, 2012

During 2012 and 2013 photographers Kelly Hussey-Smith and Alan Hill selected more than 115 photos detailing the impact of mining on communities in Central Queensland including the towns of Middlemount, Monto, Moranbah, Quilpie and Clermont. The images detail mining operations in coal seam gas, coal and opal exploration and the social response. 

The Story Bridge under construction crossing the Brisbane River, 1939

Story Bridge Construction Photograph Album 1931-1940

The Story Bridge opened to traffic on 6 July 1940, taking 5 years to complete. At the time it was reputed to be the 7th largest bridge of its type in the world during construction. Today more than 30 million vehicles cross the Brisbane river using the Story Bridge. The 347 black and white photographs in the album are digitised, documenting the construction in brilliant detail.

Corner store in Mackay with residence on top

John Immig Photographs of North and Western Queensland 

More than 100 digitised images in the collection feature streetscapes and buildings in key Queensland locations across the state. Taken during the mid-2000s they provide a record of the businesses that flourished in previous decades and the social cohesion they imprinted on several Queensland places and towns.

Loading camels on to trucks in western Queensland.

Dean Saffron Outback Camel Mustering Photographs, 2014

Photographer Dean Saffron joins a camel mustering crew to capture the action and a part of Queensland’s shared history involving cameleers who relied on the animal to transport goods across dry and arid lands and remote regions of Queensland and beyond. The thirty-one images in the collection highlight the need to work quickly to safely transport the animals.

Road construction crew working on the Kuranda- Smithfield Road. ca. 1930

Graham Jenkinson Collection of North Queensland Photographs, 1920-1940

In this collection of North Queensland photographs taken by Chas A. Jenkinson there are many images involving bridge and road construction, the tobacco industry and the mining industry. Several of the 75 photographs preview social scenes and events in communities of Mareeba, Atherton, Ravenshoe, Yarrabah, and Silkwood.